Is It Safe To Drive After Consuming CBD Edibles?


The subject of CBD and its products have been a popular news item for a while now. CBD, with its several health benefits, is has introduced a whole new side of cannabis to the world. Many are turning to CBD to cut off the adverse side effects of prescription pharmaceutical drugs. Ever since hemp farming became legal, the CBD game has been on the rise.

CBD gummies are making CBD consumption easier than ever for many people. If you are thinking about using CBD anytime soon, you might be having doubts about it. One among them for a lot of people is, “Can I use CBD edibles while driving?”  

Why Do People Use CBD Gummies? 

CBD gummies generally refer to edible, chewy candies containing Cannabidiol oil or isolate. They come in a wide range of flavors, shapes and colors. 

Also known as marijuana, Cannabis contains many compounds that elicit different effects. Of them, THC and CBD are the most famous for their health effects. While THC is psychoactive and can get the consumer high, CBD is less psychoactive. There are numerous CBD products in the marketplace. CBD gummies are popular pretty much everywhere. 

Some factors that increase the popularity of CBD edibles include: 

  • They can help you with many health benefits. As we know, CBD has a plethora of medical benefits. People have been using the compound for decades now. We still need more research to use CBD for medical purposes. Yet, there are some potential benefits according to users:
  1. CBD can help relieve anxiety.
  2. It can be effective for pain and inflammation relief. 
  3. It can improve sleep quality.
  • They are flavorful and tasty. 
  • They are a discreet way of CBD consumption. Meaning that you can consume CBD gummies in anywhere you like.
  • They are easy to carry and are effective. 

CBD gummies are legal if they contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD And The Human Brain. 

Researchers say that CBD devoid of THC content may not affect your brain. If you buy CBD gummies from reputable vendors, they will contain less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, it’s sometimes possible THC can effect driving abilities in some users. 

In a study about CBD’s effects on driving, researchers found that the amount of THC can impact the navigational abilities of the user. Hence, taking only CBD can not affect your brain. 

How Do CBD Gummies Work? 

CBD impacts the serotonin receptors in our central nervous system. By doing so, it helps in elevating the mood and in relaxing the user. When consumed in appropriate dosages, it can have stimulant-like effects and improve alertness. 

Our body constitutes a complex network of receptors called the endocannabinoid system. The three components of the endocannabinoid system are endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes. Our body mainly has two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors. They are present primarily in the brain and central and peripheral nervous systems. CB1 receptors in the CNS impact bodily functions like coordination and appetite. CB2 receptors in the peripheral nervous system impact inflammation and pain sensation. 

By interacting with these receptors, CBD can impact bodily functions. Yet, researchers say that CBD somehow impacts these without binding to the receptors. 

CBD generally does this by raising anandamide and GABA levels in the brain. Though it can alter your mood, it does not produce any intoxicating effects. Thus, it is safe to consume CBD while driving as it doesn’t make you high. 

Things To Know About Using CBD While Driving 

The cause of concern for using CBD gummies is the sedative effects that the compound has. With the increase in dosages, CBD can act as a sedative. 

Gummies that contain CBD alone may not impair driving. Studies show that impairment of driving abilities might differ with the strain of Cannabis. The study conducted at the Universities of Sydney and Maastricht tested how CBD impacted the driving of 26 cannabis consumers. The study aimed at measuring the lane weaving behavior of the drivers found that they could maintain the same lane. Referred to as SDLP, scientists employ this method to find how substances affect driving. 

After this, drivers administered CBD and THC to record the impact. Drivers expressed a lack of confidence in their driving abilities after consuming THC. 

The study concluded that consuming CBD will not affect driving but to an extent. Clinical studies say that the effects can be different with higher doses of CBD. 

CBD And The Law 

Though CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal, driving laws differ from one state to the other. It is because people do not have the same metabolism. 

Also, people using medical marijuana may not be high. Thus, knowing your state’s driving laws is essential before buying them. 

Another thing to consider is the quality of CBD gummies you are buying. Many CBD products have wrong labels, and vendors do not list the ingredients properly. It is safe to eat CBD gummies while driving when they contain only CBD or CBD in recommended amounts.

What Can You Do Before Taking CBD While Driving? 

  • Consult a professional or a health expert to know your requirements.
  • Buy CBD gummies from a reputable vendor. Generally, reputed vendors have legit products. This way, one can avoid wasting money and ensure product quality. 
  • Know the driving laws of your region and buy products that contain only the recommended amounts. 
  • Take small doses initially to see how your body reacts to CBD. 

The Bottom Line 

If you have been using something like cbd cherry gummies for quite some time, it is safe to take them while driving. But if you have just started using CBD, it is advisable to go with the flow. 

Understanding your needs from the product is essential to have a smooth experience.

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