Elite Extracts Live Joint

Elite Extracts Live Joint

Elite Extracts Live Joints are seriously one of my favorite new products. I’ve been a fan of their cartridges since the beginning, which was the 2017 Infused Expo, and now they’re making extra large fully infused pre-rolls – my favorite way to get medicated. Yes, extra large – 2 full grams of top shelf flower, dipped in 93% distillate and rolled in crumbly kief genuinely native to the flower. This one is Gorilla Glue #4, famous as a potent hybrid, slightly indica dominant and capable of leaving you glued to the couch. These joints are “live” indeed, and weighing in at 2 grams BEFORE the kief and oil is even more impressive. If you’re literally a heavy hitter then you’ll probably be fine stepping up to the plate alone with one of these, but when a smoke is this big is seems especially meant to be shared. There’s plenty to go around and these boast more than just a lot of quantity – the quality is top rate. Strong, delicious, flavorful and powerful. The packaging is a classy glass branded tube with a screw top lid for easy transportation and storage.

This joint took a little while to burn. About 15 minutes and it smells nice and strong as it does. The taste and feel was smooth despite all the layers you have happening and all the cannabis components compliment each other well. The kief used to coat is the very stuff produced when Elite grinds the flower used to roll, so you have all the native terps working together to really bring out a superpowered version of all the best effects normally associated with Gorilla Glue, meaning: incredibly mellow and very happy. It was perfect for playing Words With Friends while watching Breaking Bad. I can’t recommend these enough, it’s a great product of the highest quality. Hopefully things continue to move in this very fine direction.

Visit Elite Extracts at their website and learn more here: elitevapesca.com.

Jack Paradise

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