Ganja Yoga: Higher Self Yoga

Ganja Yoga: Higher Self Yoga

As 2018 approaches, we are seeing more and more cannabis events pop up, from infused dinner parties, to patient-consumer events, to business-to-business events. My favorite new cannabis extra-curricular activity is ganja yoga, because it’s not just recreational, it’s also medicinal and great for your health!

Cannabis can be used to alter one’s state of consciousness, aid in self-discovery and lead to deeper observations about the nature of reality. It has been used as a spiritual tool across a wide array of religious traditions for thousands of years.

Ganja yoga is an experience that allows you to get in tune with yourself while experiencing the benefits of cannabis. If you medicate daily, why not medicate at yoga? But it’s more than just getting high and stretching. Emily Meyers, Co-Founder and creator of Higher Self Yoga, based in West Los Angeles, says, “I am passionate about cannabis as a spiritual tool. I believe cannabis can help us get in touch with your thoughts and feelings in a way that would be difficult to access otherwise, or under normal circumstances.”
Classes are open to novices, with no pre-requisites at all. Cannabis newbies are welcome to come and try cannabis oil vape pens, and connoisseurs are welcome to bring their own. Out of respect to the studio, smoking is not allowed inside.

The key elements involved are all inclusive of a healthy healing yoga lifestyle. Even when you aren’t in yoga class, you can absolutely be practicing yoga. Be one with yourself, be one with the universe, and operate karmically.
Ganja Yoga - Higher Self Yoga
Even if you might be averse to yoga, meditation decreases stress and increases focus. Using cannabis can help open-up the heart and mind to the energies of the universe. Integrating chakras with your meditation practices can help you dig deep into your core essence.
Ganja Yoga - Higher Self Yoga
Emily says, “One of the eight limbs of yoga is self reflection, self-study. What’s important is that you take the time to study the patterns in your thoughts feeling and behaviors, understanding why they are, looking for ways to change the patterns, to live healthier lives and have better outcomes when dealing with people. Our dealings with people are so complex. Yoga can improve those interactions by optimizing those patterns. When you combine that with cannabis, it makes it even more powerful. This is something that only when used consciously, with focus and intention, will it help you obtain new opportunities, when otherwise that opportunity likely to slip through your fingers. This is a program where we have thought through the elements to be sure we are being true to yoga philosophy and helping and putting forth a path for people to get there.”

“Each class is about each of one of the 8 limbs of yoga, if you take each and every one of the classes, you will understand the chakras and limbs of yoga. Psychological infrastructure is the foundation you build upon. It’s just as important to exercise your brain, as your body, in every single class. And [our yogis] can incorporate that into their lives. We do not only want to focus on esoteric, for the sake of knowledge, we give actionable information to make people’s lives better immediately.”

Learn more online at and check class schedules:

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