Kiva Terra Espresso Bean Bites 100mg

Edibles Magazine Reviews Kiva Terra Espress Bean Bites

Anna Mae

Kiva Confections is the largest cannabis-infused edible company in the United States. Their products are available in 8 states: California, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

These little Espresso Bean Bites were the perfect start to a cold, gloomy morning. I’m not usually an edible consumer, and prefer the use of combustible cannabis, but I didn’t have time for my usual morning smoke and tea. I rushed to work and had a piece right before I went into my office, and at 5mg per bite, it’s the perfect dose for getting your energy up and ready. The sleek and discreet packaging made me feel like I could just leave it on my desk and no one would even notice they were infused. 

I felt a little more clear minded, focused, and invigorated. Since they’re the perfect dose for me, I had just a couple more to get into my workflow. I put them in a cup and poured coffee I was brewing and made an infused mocha latte. The smooth sweet dark chocolate and lightly bitter espresso make it a super tasty complementary breakfast snack. The Kiva Terra Espresso Bites come in a 100mg tin with 20 pieces (5mg each). What I’ve always appreciated about Kiva is their consistency with dosing and quality in their confections. The Terra Espresso Bites are no exception, if I didn’t have such a low tolerance, I would eat the whole thing!

The Kiva Terra Bites line in Oklahoma currently includes Blueberry and Espresso Bean. I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors once they become available.

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