Kooky Kookie Cereal by Heavenly Sweet Medibles

Kooky Kookie Cereal by Heavenly Sweet Medibles

Heavenly Sweet Kooky Kookies Cereal is really even better than what it looks like: It’s a superior tasting version of Cookie Crisp cereal infused with deliciously potent cannabis. To quote a good friend: “This ain’t rocket surgery”. Heavenly Sweet took the greatest cereal ever and added weed; meaning they lovingly and carefully infused my favorite breakfast with top shelf goodness. I had it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and the experience was absolutely fantastic. I even enjoyed it watching cartoons – Adventure Time to be specific and it was even more enjoyable than usual as my mind expanded and my body relaxed I found myself full of giggles and smiling big. The whole bag weighs 8 ounces and contains a total of 300mg of THC. You’ve got about 4 servings there at 75mg each, which is perfect for those of us with a well tempered tolerance. If you’re not a heavy medicator you’ll just want to enjoy this sweet sensation in smaller servings. There are actually 30 standard size doses of medicine in the bag and it’s also easy and fun to just snack on in small handfuls. The quality of the cannabis is tested by Sequoia Analytical Labs so you know it’s not only safe but also infused using excellent product.

Heavenly Sweet definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to making edibles. They recently won two of the most highly coveted trophies at the 3rd Annual Best of Edibles List Awards in February: Best Brownie and Most Potent Edible, which means you can absolutely trust in their expertise and this canna-cereal just goes to prove it. Enjoy these tasty little cookies dry or soaked in your favorite version of milk, they’re phenomenal either way and so is the way they make you feel. Other flavors also available in this line: Flying Flakes, Looped Fruit, Cocoa Chronics, Buzzed Honeycomb and Canna Clusters. Gotta try em’ all. See everything they’re up to at: heavenlysweetmedibles.com.

Jack Paradise

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