Letter From The Editor – Issue 35

Letter From The Editor - Issue 35

Greetings My friends,

Spring is here and so are the May Flowers! To celebrate, we hit the Beach in Venice with Doreen Sullivan, the creator of My Bud Vase™. We spent an afternoon shooting photos of these beautiful bongs and are sure you’ll enjoy the pictures. Later that same day while still in Venice, I ate 175mg of THC infused edibles and did 2 hours floating naked in a sensory deprivation tank at Float Lab. You can read all about in this very issue as well as recaps and reviews of the 420 weekend events we attended, including seeing “Half Baked” at the Wiltern. We also payed a very special visit to Mina and Kristina of Baron’s Confections and toured their farm in Santa Clarita while they told us their very special story of how cannabis came to play such an important role in their lives.

In other news: The Proposed Medical Cannabis Licensing Regulations for California have been issued and they don’t look good. They’re very strict when it comes to strength, size, caffeine, frozen foods, dairy, delivery, transportation, taxes, packaging and just about everything else. We’d really like to fight this. Please let the policy makers know what you think and help us keep control of the wonderful world we’ve all been building together. Dates, times and places
for public comments on the new Cannabis Draft regulations are listed at the bottom of our Event Guide on page 64.

Written comments can be mailed to:
California Department of Food and Agriculture:

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing
Attn: Amber Morris
CalCannabis Scoping Comments
1220 N Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814



or call (916) 263-0801

To read the entire text of the Bureau of Marijuana Control Proposed Text of Regulations: www.bmcr.ca.gov/laws_regs/mcrsa_ptor.pdf

Remember to tip your delivery driver, smile at your budtender and always know your dose.

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

-Patrick Ian Moore

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