THC Design Pre-Rolls

THC Design Pre-Rolls

When departing on a stressful outing, such as meeting your partner’s entire family for the first time–it’s important to be prepared. Lately I’ve been carrying around the super handy and adorable tin cases from THC Design, filled with classic, estate grown pre-rolls, and I made sure I had at least one with me as my partner and I headed south for Sunday brunch with, you guessed it, his entire family.

Some families are more open about cannabis use than others, but regardless, I didn’t want to be flashing my weed around during my very first meet and greet with potential future in-laws. Still, I was not about to do this anxiety inducing relationship step while relying on the support of dacquaris alone. Thankfully, the packaging on these pre-rolls is sturdy, modern, and even reusable. It’s also expensive looking, and discreet enough that one might mistake it for a makeup palette or a box of high end sweets.

Before we took the plunge, my partner and I sampled the hybrid flavor of the THC Design pre-roll which was smooth and tasty and left us both feeling bright, confident and chatty, but not too stoned at all–perfect. We linked arms, I touched up my lipstick, and we crossed the threshold into suburban family land. Combined with the dacquaris, two of the hybrid pre-rolls carried us through the intergenerational backyard bar-b-que affair — I successfully avoided awkward subject matter including politics, religion and what I do for a living, and answered questions about my background with grace and modesty.

We made a swift but warm exit just after the meal and made it home in time to avoid traffic, sharing a well deserved, mellow indica version of the pre-roll on the way, which gave us a nice manageable buzz in spite of our very high tolerances. Later that night, my partner’s brother called to confirm from his, non THC Design pre-roll infused perspective, the visit had also gone off without a hitch. Overall, a triumph. Visit their site at thcdesign.com for more info.

Siouxsie Q

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