Wana 100mg Peach Bellini Sativa Gummies

Edibles Magazine Reviews Wana Peach Bellini Gummies

Juniper Martaczech

Such a multitude of gummies to choose from in every dispensary you enter. Bagged, boxed, tubed, single dose, low dose, high dose and all the doses and ratios. Begging the question…what makes one stand out from the others? Packaging? Taste? Milligrams? Freebies? Well when it comes to Wana Edibles Quick Peach Bellini sativa fast-acting gummies it is most of those things. 

The packaging is a biodegradable airtight pinch top square container that keeps the medicine from being squished or damaged, not too hard to open either. As far as taste and texture, these vegan and gluten free triangles of yumminess have a peach flavor that is natural and pleasing. You hardly notice the medicine taste as you chew them and it does not show up in an overpowering aftertaste minutes later. At 5 milligrams a piece dosing is simple for patients. It is evident the care they took in choosing their ingredients, many of which people can find in their own pantry and have no trouble pronouncing no high fructose corn syrup here. 

Wana spent two years on developing a fast acting edible to help patients with shorter wait times for relief which helps to avoid overconsumption,  They partnered with Azuca creating a nano technology called Thermodynamic individual Molecular Encapsulation (TiME) that creates small cannabinoid molecules capable of being better absorbed by the body. This allows them to encapsulate each cannabinoid in a water soluble layer, which aids the body in processing the gummy and bypassing the liver for raised bioavailability. 

Freebies…well that’s not my department but if you hear of any let me know, it would totally be worth the trip.

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