Television’s Top 7 Most Infused Moments

Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

Broad City

Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“Wisdom Teeth,” in 2015, featuring The Firecracker Smoothie. Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removed and Ilana makes it her mission to take care of her. Ilana’s distrust of pharmaceuticals leads her to make Abbi a firecracker (weed-infused s’mores smoothie). It’s much too much for her.


Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“True Dromance,” 2012. Some dope beignets. The guys need to score weed in order to acquire the munchies necessary to win a pizza eating contest, and cheat on Karl with a new drug dealer. Ders (a foodie) uses infused olive oil to make gourmet edibles at home for the first time.


Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“Bull Rush,” 2017. “They’re low-THC, high-CBD, so they’ll leave you thinking straight but feeling great.” Defensive Tackle Vernon Littlefield’s agent Joe Krutel and his sidekick Reggie tour a grow facility and edibles factory to scout out a potential investment opportunity.

Family Guy

Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“420,” 2009. Brian launches a campaign to legalize marijuana after his arrest for drug possession. Brian and Stewie sing ‘A Bag of Weed’, set to the tune of “Me Ol’ Bam-boo” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. “But all you need is a bag of weed to really get a kick.”

Modern Family

Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“The Party,” 2016. Phil and Mitchell eat “special gummy bears” they’re given while standing in line to see a sitcom science fiction movie called ‘Defenders of Infinity’. They get high, paranoid, and Phil never removes the Ferengi cosplay headpiece he’s wearing.


Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“Medicinal Fried Chicken,” 2010. Randy Marsh gets a medical referral for marijuana by giving himself testicular cancer, which makes his testicles grow to grotesquely huge proportions. “Smokin’ pot right in front of a cop. Pretty sweet, huh?” The epiosde took satire on a real Los Angeles dispensary called Kind For Cures, which actually used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Television's Top 7 Most Infused Moments

“Doggy Blu’s,” 2014. Kris Jenner and her Mom try marijuana-infused Gummy Bears to alleviate her mom’s chronic back pain. Kris gets stoned and giggles. Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce at the time) gets upset and does not act cool with it. Total square.

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