Product Review: King’s Palms Tobacco Free Wraps

King's Palms Tobacco Free Wraps.

King Palms Organic Pre-Rolls – are all natural and hand rolled tubes made from leaves that have been handpicked from the arecaceae family of palm trees, with a built in crutch made from natural corn cob. These chemical free non-tobacco wraps are absolutely the best substitute for blunt wraps we’ve tried so far. A wooden packing tool is included in each pack, making it simple to fill and stuff each tube with a full gram of ground flower. The green leaves burn slow and smooth making the cannabis smoking experience extra satisfying and very mellow. It was immediately evident that the King Palms weren’t making us cough the way tobacco blunt wraps tend to do and that was much appreciated by all.
The leaves aren’t grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not treated with pesticides, preservatives, or any artificial chemicals, and are made using sustainable production practices.

Each package of King Palms comes with 3 tubes. The packaging can be resealed so your spare tubes, or even the palm blunts you’ve already packed, can be put back into the envelope, closed and kept fresh until you’re ready for them. The size, weight, taste, and feel of these palm leaf blunts are perfect and very sturdy. We came across King Palms at a Cannabis Expo in Las Vegas and are so happy we made the discovery. If you love medicating by smoking blunts, but you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly, healthier, and tobacco free method, we highly recommend trying the King Palms Hand Rolled Tubes. They’ve quickly become a favorite around here, and we think you’ll feel the same way!

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