Product Review: CannaDips Dipping Pouches

Cannadips CDB Infused dipping pouches are another product I discovered in New York at the CWCB Expo and also one of the most fascinating. I was born and raised in Northeastern Oklahoma and believe me, I had plenty of classmates who dipped back then. I admit that I did try it when I got a free can of “Skoal Bandits” at the Tulsa State Fair, because giving tobacco to kids for free was totally fine in those days, but I didn’t like it and remember immediately sneaking away to smoke a bowl afterward. Cannadips are different, but similar. They feel the same and almost taste how I remember the tobacco being, but with all of the nastiness removed and the mint sensation preserved with a soothing 10mg of Cannabidiol effects added in place of the nicotine. A nice and smokeless innovation that still leaves the awesome shape in your back jeans pocket. Perfect for dippers, curiosity seekers and those who want to try something new – be opened minded because these are good!

Jack Paradise
Contributing Writer

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