Strawberry Fields Pre-rolls

Strawberry Fields Pre-rolls

While in Colorado recently, I had my first opportunity to visit a recreational dispensary in the state. I was touring the Pharm Aid Farm, and Skylar Walker took me to The Strawberry Fields shop. Strawberry Fields is the biggest chain of cannabis dispensaries in CO, I was told. We had a long drive from Pueblo to Walsenburg and I was going to be in the area for a couple of days so I picked up some Key Lime Pie pre-rolls. Being a full time California cannabis user, I hadn’t actually had much Colorado flower within the state of Colorado. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they were having happy hour specials so I decided to go top shelf. I registered to win a ceramic dab rig before leaving and took a picture of a painting of Bruce Lee. Once we were back at the ranch and inside we fired up a KLP preroll and worked on a Star Wars jigsaw puzzle Skylar had laid out for a little while. The weed smelled and tasted good, and seemed to have a very nice terpene balance. We ended the night getting caught up on Better Call Saul and finishing the prerolls. They were tasty and burned smooth enough for house joints, especially at such a nice price – the top shelf were $8 and a full gram. When I’m back in Colorado I definitely will stop by Strawberry Fields again and get some more flower and prerolls, and I hope I win that dab rig. If you’re visiting CO and want to get some SBF products, check out

Patrick Ian Moore

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