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Dear Gar, I get migraine headaches at work sometimes, can a topical help? – Shawna Los Angeles, CA

Hi Shawna, A topical salve could be just what you are looking for. Salves are often used for migraines by applying a small amount to temples and back of neck. One of the amazing things about infused topicals is their ability to bring relief without the head high — great for work!

Hi Gar, I am an amputee and have daily pain. Is there anything that might help that I can use on a daily basis?
-Rick Chico, CA

Hi Rick, Strong infused topical creams have shown great success for amputees. These products can be applied as needed for pain and muscle spasms with no side effects.

Dear Gar, I am a breast cancer patient and am currently taking a Phoenix Tears Oil daily. Are there any topicals that I can add? -Jessica Auburn, CA

Hi Jessica, Breast cancer patients can use a high THC cream during the day and an external oil based tincture at night. In addition to your internal oil, which uses the body’s CB1 cannabinoid receptor system, the topicals will use the CB2 system to provide even more cannabinoids to the body.

Dear Gar,
I hear a lot lately about “whole plant” medicine. Does this apply to topicals as well? -Mary Denver, CO

Hi Mary, The term “whole plant” absolutely applies to topicals. All of the components of the cannabis plant work together in a natural harmony. When one is removed, the effect changes. There are hundreds of different chemical components in a cannabis plant. These cannabinoids, terpenoids, proteins, sugars and many more, all interact perfectly with each other, so while using a single component of the plant may bring relief, the results are usually much better when the “whole plant” is used When using whole plant formulations, all parts of the plant are utilized in various amounts; including sticks, small flowers, trim and even small leaves. This creates a synergistic effect, bringing the ultimate overall medicinal value to the topical. This is also called the “Entourage Effect”.

Gar Souders has been researching the effects and formulations of Cannabis Infused Topicals for over a decade. He is the Founder of CannaTopics, and also a member of several pro-Cannabis Organizations.

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