Ganja Gold King Tarantula Gelato Joint

King Tarantula Pre Roll Review

Ganja Gold’s King Tarantula is the ultimate pre-rolled joint. It’s a full two grams of the highest quality top shelf 1% of Artisanal strain buds, rolled in RAW all-natural hemp paper; hand dipped with live resin “Tarantula” brand Co2 oil and dusted in their proprietary hash/kief blend. This particular strain was Gelato and was 18.22% THC and 0.06% CBD. It’s nice to have the cannabinoid content printed right on the outside of the packaging along with the “Best By” and “Packaged On” dates. The product is tested by CannaSafe and has a QR code that can take you to the full lab results online. Gelato is a hybrid strain cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet with nicely balanced Indica and Sativa properties. The kief used to coat the outside is all native to the flower used on the inside so the terpene profile is very consistent throughout.

Gelato is a Bay Area native named after the frozen Italian dessert due to the sweet and fruity aroma it has become so famously known for. There is also a lot of kief on these things. Sometimes that can make them get too heavy and go limp toward the crutch making them droop or get too heavy and wet from the melting oil. These are evenly balanced, finely crafted and stay firm all the way down so there’s no trouble or chance of breakage. The high you feel is absolutely amazing and you’re experiencing the flower, kief, hash and oil all at the same time, the whole time so it is a somewhat overwhelming sensation to have happening. We’re recommending you share this with at least a couple of friends if you’re able to and will probably enjoy it even more if you’re able to take a little break every so often to actually taste it all and take it in. This product is definitely a special occasion style smoke so it makes sense that this one was acquired in a special VIP Oscar gift bag at a high end party in Hollywood. You can find the place to get one nearest you by using the Store-Finder at Pick one up and get the gang together so you can all be treated like royalty.

Patrick Ian Moore

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