Jackalope Pharms Infused “Scruffy” Blunt

Jackalope Pharms Infused Scruffy Blunt - Edibles Magazine - Editors Picks - Featured Product Review

Johnny Knowledge

The “Scruffy” Blunt from Jackalope Farms is a non-tobacco, pre rolled blunt made with 1.5 grams of strain specific, greenhouse grown full flower, dipped in a ¼ gram of terpene rich cannabis concentrate, and heavily dusted with a ¼ gram of kief powder, wrapped in a mango flavored hemp cigar paper that is 100% nicotine free. A Jackalope is a mythical animal depicted as a hare or rabbit with horns, said to exist in parts of North America and Europe. 

This is not exactly a smoke for beginners. The concentrate used is a combination of live resin and sugar wax with terpenes added back into the oil. Each blunt is dipped in the oil and rolled in a sparkly kief blend. The flower used inside is indoor and tests at 25% on it’s own. Together a combination is created that will leave you as high as you want to be. It’s definitely a smoky kind of smoke, so you might want to have a fan or be near a window but the experience is worth it for sure. Not everyone is going to be able to finish a whole Scruffy in one sitting by themselves, but as always – be careful who you share it with. If you do in fact smoke an entire Scruffy solo, you should have something fun already cued up to watch. These infused blunts may induce melting-into-the-couch, so be prepared. Get a snack and some beverages ready before you get too far along. Every blunt comes with a military grade, strike-anywhere wooden match. Like Jeffrey Tambor says to Hellboy in the original Hellboy movie: “You should always light a cigar with a wooden match. It preserves the flavor.” It also helps to keep the blunt from running or developing canoes, which is what it’s called when your blunt or joint is burning unevenly, just in case you didn’t know. IG: @Jackalope_Pharms

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