Product Review: Honey Tree Medicinals THC Oil Syringe

Recently, I had the pleasure to have a packaged syringe of Honey Tree Medicinal THC Oil given to me to use. In researching the product and company, I found a true passion directed to the patients were an imperative focus, as Honey Tree Medicinal were first patients themselves. The company was first developed from a friend’s kitchen in Orange County, California. They had medical issues and once they found results, it seemed they had to share these products with others in need of relief. Now their products are available throughout the state of California with glowing results.

The syringe is premium THC oil and can be used for dabbing, easily infused into edibles, or taken orally. Because of the syringe delivery, it seems to be a simple and clean method to measure out doses for when necessary. This particular oil strain was tested at a 90% THC and a .44% CBD. I did a sublingual drop under the tongue and had great results within just a few minutes. Very clean and taste was palatable as well. Later, I had a drop that fell which I used on a rolling paper to infuse a joint which I enjoyed very much. It had a light feeling while inhaling and the effects were completely relaxing and any stress points were relieved from pain.

I understand that Honey Tree Medicinal utilizes all organic and health conscious materials in their products. The concentrates are extracted from pure, food grade alcohol, then put through a series of polished filters, and finally purged for 24 hours to remove the remaining alcohol. This process allows them to naturally capture both polar and nonpolar properties of cannabis, which leaves all the desired cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil.

Honey Tree Medicinal has been providing high-quality, pure medicine to Southern California since 2006. Honey Tree Medicinal products can be found many dispensaries and deliveries throughout California. For more information please visit:

Keiko Beatie

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