Smokin’ Mike Beef Jerky

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Smokin' Mike, beef jerky, edibles, cannabis, A refreshing protein packed break from the standard carbohydrate filled dessert edibles; Smokin Mike’s Beef Jerky is a bold, unique, and seriously delicious way to medicate. At first I was a bit hesitant to try cannabis infused jerky, but after taking one bite I was completely sold. The texture and taste is that of a premium jerky you might find at a farmers market, with almost none of the weed taste that’s usually typical with edibles, just pure salt and peppery jerked meat goodness.

Each pack is 100mg of THC that is easy to dole out individual doses, watch out though because just like normal jerky it’s so satisfying you might eat the whole bag in one sitting! To my surprise it was quite fast acting too. Within 5 minutes of eating half a strip, about 5mg of THC, I could already feel a nice uplifting high coming on. I hadn’t really eaten a full meal that day so I promptly finished off the rest of the bag, savoring the delicious THC and protein filled snack. Instead of the bloating heavy feel I get from eating most medicated baked goods, I found Smokin Mike’s to be very light on my stomach and have a clean high. The high was so clean and uplifting in fact, I decided to walk to the store and grab groceries. The sun was out, the weather was great, and I felt amazing. With groceries in hand I returned home happy, high , and craving more jerky.

I would absolutely recommend Smokin’ Mike’s to people with active lifestyles, or that have restrictive diets that don’t include sugary gluten packed desserts. Perfect to take on hikes and eat on the summit before a relaxing walk down, or a nice snack while you’re playing a pick up game of basketball with your friends. It’s the first place winner of Edible Magazines own Best Beef Jerky Award in 2016 and is industry recognized for high quality and effectiveness.

For more info visit: www.smokinmike.com

Aaron Tocchi

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