The Historic Casa Vertigo in Downtown Los Angeles – 10am to 6pm
Networking After-party 6pm to 9pm

Education & Speaker Rooms are located
on the 2nd Floor & 3rd Floors accessible via Elevator/Stairs

Speakers and Panel Presentations
3rd Floor – Edibles Magazine Room

Speakers, Cooking Demos & Panels – Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor

11:00am – Security Measures: Keeping Safe and Protected – Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor
Keep your cannabis business safe and secure with tips from the experts. Unfortunately the industry is being regarded as easy prey to criminals and we need to be aware and pro-active in guarding our companies against opportunists. Red Anchor will be sharing key elements on having a strong base of operations to protect your company and safely serve your clients.

12:00pm – Jeff The 420 Chef: Cannabis Cooking Demo – Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor
Jeff The 420 Chef, Inventor of the FreeLeaf™ is one of the world’s most popular cannabis chefs and most famous for inventing the process which deep cleans cannabis and industrial hemp to create odorless, virtually tasteless, strain-specific canna-oils and cannabutter for cooking. Jeff first started cooking and baking for a friend’s mother who was suffering from cancer in 2012. His mission is to help people who are suffering and don’t want to smoke cannabis live a better life using infused edibles.

1:00pm – Ed Rosenthal Master Cultivator & Stardust Brand – Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor
Ed Rosenthal is one of the most prolific cannabis authors in the industry, and has truly influenced a world of cultivators. He wrote the only cannabis book to be reviewed by the prestigious New York Times and brings decades of experience and professional insight to the Infused Expo, the industry and the community. Stardust THC Maltodextrin Powder is Ed’s first edible and a revolutionary new isolate product. He is truly one of the icons of cannabis, a master grower and a ganja guru.

2:00pm – Building Your Cannabis Company: Legal Initiatives, Taxes, Financing and Loans –
Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor
With so much to consider as we move forward into the future of cannabis businesses, this panel is packed with the technical experts who will be able to lay the groundwork to your success. How to get financing and loans with Luisa Theil of Canna Loans. How to protect your profits and work responsibly with the IRS from expert Patrick Cox of Tax Defense Partners and Freddy Sayegh of Foxx Law Firm, who assisted in the development of Adelanto by drafting the initiative that changed the game for this once stagnated and financially strapped desert town.

3:00pm – Distribution: Getting Your Product To The Buyers – Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor
More and more products are being created everyday as we prepare for the 2018 cannabis market. But how do you get it to the right people, dispensaries, and delivery services? You need a Distribution company. How do you navigate finding the right one for your product? Is it practical or possible to create your own distribution company? Cann Trade’s Mark Restelli, B. Le Grand of Edible Distribution and Azam Khan of Distru are the creators of the leading companies that have stepped up to the plate and gathered vendors, contacts and are working to establish the best methods for connecting manufacturers to retail outlets as we move forward to compliance.

4:00pm – Celebrity Chef Nuha: Cannabis Infused Cuisine – Edibles Magazine Room 3rd Floor
Chef Nuha has prepared infused delectable delights for some of the most high caliber celebrities in Hollyweed. Her influence and expertise is in high demand and the Infused Expo is very honored and fortunate to have her with us to speak about her foray into culinary stardom. Chef Nuha will be sharing all about the adventures she has had in canna cuisine and the rewards that infused foods have to offer.

5:00pm – Infused Dining Experiences: Social Networking With Edibles List Magazine Room 3rd Floor
The social boom of infused dining events is catching on all over the country and The Infused Expo has an amazing panel of culinary cannabis trail blazers who have dazzled the community with exotic, charming, adventurous and delicious dining experiences. White Rabbit High Tea with Jessica Cole, High Dining Club with Lindsey Jones, Cat Goldberg with Shabat Dinners, Marc Liebel of Cannabis Supper Club and Matt Stockard of GanjaEats will inspire you to reach out and immerse yourself in elevated dining.

Speakers & Panel Presentations
2nd Floor – Elite Vapes Room

Panels & Break-Out Sessions – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor

10:30am – Creating a Dynamic Delivery Service – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
Cannabis Delivery Services are now developing new levels of compliance. This amazing group of Delivery Service owners will share aspects of menu curation, employee team building, security, niche marketing and what you need to know when creating a excellent online program to support patients and clients. Panelists include SpeedWeed and Proper RX (a licensed delivery service).

11:30am – Testing Clean for Consumers and The State – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
In 2018 testing cannabis consumables will be a mandatory focus of compliance. Discussions will include new programs for microbe plans, pesticide detection, the science of testing cannabis and more. Speakers include Dr. Jeffrey Raber of The Werc Shop, Torrey Pines Labs, Harren Labs and SC Labs.

12:30pm – California Compliance for 2018 – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
Top cannabis lobbyist Amy Jenkins has written and supported many of the initiatives that have been passed throughout California. She was instrumental for the success of Prop 64 and now leads many of the private sector in business development for 2018. Justin Beck of Cultivation Technologies Inc. is the brilliant mind behind several successful startups and is highly regarded in the cannabis industry for advocacy and the work he’s doing in the Coachella Valley.

1:30pm – Marketing & Branding Your Product for Success and Longevity – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
You need to grab the eyes of the consumer within 5 seconds, or they’ll pass you by without a second thought. The pressure of creating your brand and then marketing it is a big responsibility. With the experts who will be speaking at the Infused Expo you will be sure to have the tools to make your product dynamic and successful. Panelists include Tyson Brown, Phillip De La Cruz, Masha Kupets and Ricky Engels, moderated by B. Le Grand.

2:30pm – Topicals: Rubbing Us The Right Way – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
Topicals will be one of the most in demand items in the medical and recreational marketplace in 2018. Topicals offer pain relief and anti aging effects of the cannabis plant. This panel features Xternal brand topicals Founder and CEO Ed Breslin, considered among the industry’s leading experts. Coming from the mainstream beauty world is Janet Schriever of Crave, a hemp based product that is turning back the clock for many people. Larissa Kama is creator of Hina Botanicals, a hemp topical company and The Good Gum Company. Learn about the potential for you to be part of the Topical Revolution! It’s’ going to rub you the right way with these great speakers.

3:30pm – Dosing Products For Patients – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
A very important aspect of cannabis products is dosing. When it comes to edibles, topicals, oils, and vapes; what are we taking into our bodies and how much should be used. Dosing can make or break your day and you must discover and know your dose. With many combined years of practical experience and responsible use the panel will give insight to this serious subject. Panelists include Nurse Shannon, Boris Shcharansky, Nurse Heather and Nurse Juhlzie.

4:30pm – Packaging For Safety and The Future – Elite Vapes Room 2nd Floor
Now that you have developed the perfect edible, topical vape line or concentrate, how do you present it to the consumers? With new regulations compliance guidelines we are under even more pressure to be responsible to consumers. Child Safety issues, Labeling, UPC Codes, Testing Info – and we still need to make it look attractive too. Here the presenters will share important aspects of packaging and how you may gain insight into the future.