Ed Rosenthal – THE GURU OF GANJA®

A founder of High Times Magazine and author of the long-running “Ask Ed” column, Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana. In his more than 40 years as the “Guru of Ganja,” he has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold more than one million copies.

Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on marijuana. In his more than 40 years he has written or edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy that cumulatively have sold more than one million copies. His books on marijuana cultivation have even been reviewed by The New York Times.

Books by Ed Rosenthal include: Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, Marijuana Pest and Disease Control, Why Marijuana Should be Legal, The Big Book of Buds series, and Beyond Buds.

Freddy Sayegh – Attorney Foxx Firm

As a dynamic attorney to the Southern California cannabis market, Sayegh has assisted in shaping the industry to the forefront of commerce. His support to many of the cannabis events and city development has paved the way for success and patient support.

A legal counsel to a plethora of cannabis dispensaries, events and manufacturing and teaching facilities, his work has established a positive businesses strategy to create a future of promise and success.

Jim Baudino – VP Marketing, MerryJane.com

Jim Baudino is the VP of Marketing and Business Development for MERRY JANE MEDIA. Jim is responsible for building brand awareness, establishing strategic partnerships and driving revenue growth for MERRY JANE, the definitive media platform for modern culture. His experience ranges from startups to major global corporations in the automotive, healthcare, finance and cannabis industries.

Prior to MERRY JANE, Jim worked at Toyota Motor Sales, where he oversaw national sponsorship and strategic partnership strategy for the Toyota brand, including work with brands such as Live Nation, the NBA, Pepsi, ESPN, Red Bull and NBC. Jim was the recipient of the auto industry’s prestigious Automotive News 40 Under 40 Award, and has guest lectured at UCLA Anderson and the Wharton School of Business as well as industry and mainstream conferences.

Jim holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife and two children.

Jeff The 420 Chef – Author, Cannabs Chef

Jeff Danzer, aka JeffThe420Chef, author of The 420 Gourmet, The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine (Harper Wave, 2016), has quickly risen to prominence in both the cannabis and culinary worlds. Famous for inventing the process which deep cleans cannabis and industrial hemp to create odorless, virtually tasteless, strain-specific canna-oils and cannabutter for cooking, Jeff was recently named one of America’s top cannabis chefs by The San Francisco Chronicle. The Daily Beast has referred to him as “The Julia Child of Weed”.

JeffThe420Chef and his recipes have been featured on “Wolf It Down” with Tyler Florence, “Super Into” with Margaret Cho, “Watch What happens Live” with Andy Cohen, TMZ, and in The Boston Globe, The New York Daily News, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, High Times, Vice, Playboy, Culture Magazine, Edibles Magazine, MerryJane.com, Emerald Magazine and on Netflix’s “Disjointed,”

AJ Gentile – CEO SpeedWeed

Throughout the 1990s, Gentile helped launch several technology startups, the largest being MacConnect, the first Internet Service Provider for Macintosh users only. When he sold his stake in the company, it was the largest and most profitable ISP of its kind in history. Before entering the Cannabis Industry, he owned and operated Government Response, Inc., who built software for government agencies and elected officials. GRI developed applications for many elected officials including County Commissioners, Borough Presidents, large city Mayors, state legislators and several members of the United States Congress.

In 2011, Gentile chose to follow the “Green Rush” after seeing a niche in the growing market for a platform that could deliver top-notch product legally, safely and discretely. Gentile utilized his vast software development experience to create a highly efficient workflow management and logistics platform.

Since then, he has guided the company to $5M+ per year with a patient base of over 32,000. Prior to launching SpeedWeed, AJ Gentile is very engaged with publicly traded companies, partnering with and advising several on technology, compliance and product distribution. He is an experienced television and radio host, producer and writer and has hosted national shows on MTV, VH1, and Playboy Radio.

Chef Nuha – Celebrity Cannabis Chef, Edible Manufacturer

Chef Nuha is an award winning classically trained chef who was inspired by her grandmothers fight with cancer to develop a healthier and more medicinal product for seriously ill patients. Chef Nuha delved into the world of rich CBD and THC based savory foods that had secondary health benefits. Her line includes extra virgin olive oil, aged Modena balsamic vinegar, organically sourced wild rice, marinated feta, artichokes and peppers, and infused hand crafted jellies. Her new line was lauded by medical patients, athletes, and consumers which took off as a healthier option to medicate without all the sugars, corn syrups, and processed food ingredients. Chef Nuha is very proud of her line and hopes you enjoy it as much as she does.

Eyal Kotler President/CEO – Elixicure, Honest Globe Inc., The Hemperor’s Club

Eyal Kotler is a Graduate from Argosy University and Tel-Aviv University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Public Policy (Summa Cum Laude) in the International Program for Conflict Resolution & Mediation, respectively. He is integrally responsible for developing and executing Honest Globe Inc.’s corporate strategy. He began his professional career at JPMorgan Chase (2001-2009) where he served as a Regional Production Manager for the Nevada territory, and facilitated over $4 billion in real estate transactions during his tenure. He spent three years at Paychex Corporation where he helped hundreds of companies institute corporate compliance strategies and audits in areas such as Human Resources, 401K and Health and Benefits administration, and Workers Compensation. Eyal was recognized continuously for his accomplishments during his time at JPMorgan Chase & Paychex. Eyal’s involvement in the cannabis industry dates back to 1996, and became fully involved in 2008 when he and his brothers started The Hemperor’s Club and affiliated brands.

Erika McCartney, Infusions 215 / Proper Rx – “Enhancing patient experience one order at a time.”

Erika McCartney took a detour from beginning a career in pharmaceutical sales and went with something a little more ethical, cannabis. From trimmer to now, Vice President of a thriving delivery service in Northern California, her 15 years of industry experience has been helping patients get a supreme dispensary experience right inside their homes. She is President and Co-Creator of Infusions, an artisanal cannabis confections company, sold exclusively at Proper Rx Collective in California.

Elliott Marshall, Infusions 215 / Proper Rx – “Promoting equal access to cannabis through delivery.”

Elliott Marshall, a pioneer in MMJ delivery, has spent the last 8 years sculpting medical marijuana delivery into a valuable and relevant business model. His company Proper Rx Collective is one of the oldest in California and has been dedicated to bringing the dispensary experience right to the patient’s door. He currently is focused on bringing medicinal cannabis to his native country, the Bahamas, and franchising his delivery company throughout California and Nevada.

Catherine Goldberg

Catherine Goldberg is an American entrepreneur. Known as the Cannabis Concierge, Catherine is the CEO of BrainBuzz, WeedBarLA, and Altitude Products CA. She writes for High Times about trends in cannabis and technology. Catherine hosts Chai Havdalah, a monthly get-together that brings the community together with food, Jews, and weed.

Jessica Cole Eriksen – White Rabbit High Tea

Owner and High Hostess of White Rabbit High Tea, Jessica Cole Eriksen has been a daily tea drinker and connoisseur ever since she lived in Ireland 15 years ago. She is has also been an active member of the Cannabis community for the last 20 years. In 2016 she decided to combine her two passions into one fabulous event which is now dubbed the “Highest High Tea” in California. It has been featured in two High Times articles, a VICE weediquette segment and multiple articles by the Clever Root Magazine, Merry Jane, The New York Times and Marie Claire just to name just a few.

Jessica’s interest in cannabis became a necessity in 2004 when she broke her right ankle in three places and dislocated it resulting in two surgeries and some very chronic arthritis. She applied for her medicinal Marijuana card in Oregon later that year and has been a medical marijuana patient ever since. Jessica’s goal with White Rabbit High Tea is to create a safe and fun place for folks to enjoy this new wave of amazing and innovative products while educating those who may want to expand their knowledge regardless of their experience level with cannabis. One of Jessica’s other passions in life is bringing people together and sharing, sharing in good times, real connections, and creating long lasting friendships.

Jackie Subeck – Hey Jackpot, Cannabis Educator, Advocate and Consultant

Jackie Subeck, a dynamic and strategically-minded entrepreneur, is CEO and founder of Hey Jackpot,, a lifestyle cannabis brand focusing on business consulting, education, live events and advocacy. She was formerly Vice Chair of Women Grow Los Angeles for two years, developing and producing one of the most successful cannabis business networking events in the LA area, now rebranded as Connecting Cannabis. Jackie brings 30 years in the music and entertainment industries as well as 15 years working in China, another emerging market, to the cannabis space.

Jackie is a member of NCIA, The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force and the Drug Policy Alliance and sits on the Governing Affairs Committee for the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. She worked on the Prop 64 campaign to legalize cannabis in California and continues her advocacy by working closely with the State’s cannabis bureau on licensing and regulations as well as locally with cities including West Hollywood and Beverly Hills to help create fair, equitable and inclusive cannabis policy for everyone.

Edward Breslin – President/ Co-Founder Making You Better Brands

Ed Breslin grew up in the small town of Pinole in the East Bay of Northern California. He and Brian Walker, his business partner from Making You Better Brands, went to the same elementary school. They have known each other for over forty years.

Their company, Making You Better Brands (MYBB), produces Xternal, Nternal, LameAway, and K9releaf; topical and internal relief for humans and animals. Their company has received national acclaim in the cannabis industry due to their focus on non-activated acidic cannabinoids, aka the microdose.

Breslin has been teaching a course on cannabis topicals at Oaksterdam University for close to three years. Dr. Deb Kimless, a board certified anesthesiologist, attended one of his lectures has now joined their company.

Patrick Cox – Tax Defense Partners
Patrick Cox is the CEO of Tax Defense Partners. Using his degree from Law School combined with his sales and management experience Patrick excels in managing a team of professionals who help resolve IRS and state tax problems for taxpayers. Patrick works with Cannabis clients to file their tax returns, understand the complexities of the 280e tax code, audit representation and other nuances that the Cannabis industry faces. Patrick and his team are ready to assist so that you do NOT have to face the IRS alone!

Masha Kupets Navarre

Masha Kupets Navarre is the founder of PLASTIC PALMTREE, Inc., an award-winning creative studio based in Culver City.
She has collaborated with legions of clients across multiple entertainment and industrial brands including FX, Spike, Sundance Channel, Nat Geo, Madison Square Garden, Bravo, Papa and Barkley, iRobot and more. Her clients range from corporate, beauty and medical to film, music, television, and cannabis.

Azam Kahn

Azam Khan is a Co-Founder of Distru, software of the Cannabis distribution and manufactures that proceeds inventory management, order fulfillment, CRM, functionality and seed to sale integration from a single interface. He is also founding of the Cannaslack community. Azam is dedicated to bringing insights into cannabis distribution to professionals and investors.

Keiko Beatie

Keiko Beatie has the heart of an activist for patient care. Her had had studies of Ayurvedic, Holistic and Chinese Medicine with a focus on Bach Flower and Hemophiliacs. She is a vegetarian and vegan chef and has had a edibles company back in the early 2000’s. With her passion for outreach and education, she co -founded The US Weed Channel on Roku TV, Co Hosted Hemp Radio, an educator on the Marijuana Show and has lead classes for Cannabis Career Institute. She assisted in the creation of Women Grow OC and is on the board of OC NORML. She is invited to speak at many of the cannabis expos and seminars around the country. Her dedication to outreach she support edibles Magazine with cover story articles of people who are on the cusp of coming out to the green community. She has had cultivation and trimming experience at large outdoor organic grows and a successful delivery service. Her mission statement is “Acceptance and legalization through education and outreach”.

Frances Schauwecker

Frances Schauwecker founded Baked Meds, an edibles company in 2013. Frances decided to turn her love of cooking and passion for healing to the next level. After the many raids and dispensary shut downs, Frances began to take interest in Cannabis Activism. Through her position as Founding Chair for the Orange County Chapter of the National Organization Women Grow, Frances’ goal has been to create a thriving network of industry professionals looking to work together to change the stigmas associated with Marijuana consumption. It is her belief that as end of the Marijuana Prohibition nears, Frances has since taken that knowledge and dedication and founded Mary Jane University a company that focuses on educating the community through in-home workshops, courses and events. For more information on Mary Jane University or to reach Frances direct email her at frances@maryjaneuniversity.info.

Carol Mangabat – Cookies, Washington

Carol Mangabat has been baking for most of her life – or as she says, “as long as I’ve been able to put stuff in an oven.” A San Diego native, her parents settled in Bellevue, WA and by the age of 9, she was baking cakes and treats for her friends’ birthdays.

She decided to apply her longtime calling to the cannabis industry by experimenting with recipes for infused edibles and treats, culminating in the creation of her “Bee Baked Edibles” line. Her ultimate success came true when she collaborated with the hip-hop artist Berner, and they created the “Cookies” line of baked products. She now has one of the most popular lines of edibles on the markets

Kandice Hawes – OC NORML

Kandice Hawes founded Orange County NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) in 2003 after losing her financial aid due to a possession charge. In the fourteen years since, OC NORML has become one of the most accomplished chapters in the NORML organization earning the Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award at the 2012 NORML Convention. She currently serves as the chapter’s Executive Director.

Kandice was named High Times Freedom Fighter of the month in November 2012. She was also named one of “Orange County’s 100 Most Influential People” by the Orange County Register in 2014 and named one of the “100 Most Interesting People in Orange County” by the OC Weekly in 2015. She recently served as the Principal Officer of the Committee to Support Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Political Action Committee. The PAC qualified a voter initiative to replace the ban on medical marijuana collectives in Santa Ana and received 54% of the vote in November 2014. Kandice graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Political Science and Public Administration. In addition to NORML, she serves as the Secretary for the Marijuana Lifers Project and also works as Director of Community Outreach for Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana.

Phillip Delacruz – DAMA Tequila, CannaPak Designs

Phillip Delacruz is the Chief Executive Officer of DAMA Tequila. Phillip brings over thirty years of breakthrough branding, highly-original design, and inspiring leadership—all in the service of launching and building successful brands. Phillip attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where his primary studies were advertising, marketing, graphic design and creative thinking. He then garnered clients such as Sony Music, Ben & Jerry’s, the 2000 Winter Olympics Planning Committee, Hard Rock Cafe, US Department of the Surgeon General, Bank of America, Esprit Apparel, Macy’s and MTV Networks. In
March of 2006, Phillip accepted the position of Partner, Chief Brand Designer, and Marketing Director of
Mar Mar Importing, Inc., producer of Don Jose Lopez Portillo Tequila—the namesake brand of the
ex-President of Mexico. Phillip’s experience at Mar Mar provided the perfect foundation for the creation of his new luxury brand and firm, DAMA Tequila. DAMA is the first tequila for women by women, and combines an unforgettable taste with unparalleled quality in an exquisitely sophisticated bottle.

Janet Schriever – Founder Crave Skincare

Crave Skincare is a CBD-enhanced cosmetic line that is setting high standards for Cannabis Beauty products and making a glowing impression on the mainstream Indie Beauty market for it’s use of Cannabidiol and clean ingredients. Crave was founded by Janet Schriever in 2016, after struggling with a lifetime of chronically sensitive skin and Rosacea. Schriever has created a line of artisanal skincare products that combine CBD with phytonutrients, vitamins, and clean cosmeceuticals to restore the skin to a state of vibrancy and balanced health. Crave Skincare was formally launched at the Indie Beauty Expo in January of 2017 and since then has been featured in American Spa Magazine, Hunty Magazine, Bust Magazine and Refinery29.
Anthony Ramos – Red Anchor

Anthony Ramos, Red Anchor’s co-founder, is a retired Police Officer with 16 years of experience in law enforcement and 6 years in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. While working in a variety of professional roles, Anthony saw firsthand where the war on drugs was ineffective. He realized that a clearer path is needed for cannabis legalization and quality control. Since retiring, Anthony has resolved to use his expertise to help local California cannabis businesses navigate the current cannabis laws while maintaining and growing their business.

Red Anchor was founded with the goal of the cannabis industry to be seen as a legitimate and professional business that adheres to expanding local and California state laws.

B. Le Grand – Founder Edibles List Magazine & Edible Distribution
Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, B. Le Grand is a self-made business woman who began running her own graphic and web design firm when she was 16 years old. She graduated high school early and went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she studied Advertising and Photography and left school to start her own design firm. B assisted at Runway Magazine for two years, where her talents raised her to the top of the publication’s operations. Her love of music moved her to Los Angeles in 2011, where she began budtending and learned everything she could about the cannabis industry. Before creating the Edibles platform she manufactured her own line of medical marijuana infused topicals and edibles.

Five years ago she created the Edibles List in order to find healthy, consistent, medicated edibles and then started Edibles List Magazine one year later, which is now distributed in nine different states. Her Best of Edibles List Awards was rated in the top 5 cannabis events and is currently going into its 4th year. In 2016 Marijuana Venture Magazine named her one of Cannabis’s Top 40 under 40. She is the cannabis industry’s go-to edibles expert and considered The Empress of Edibles. Le Grand launched Edible Distribution in 2016, carrying over 25 brands and servicing over 350 outlets.

In addition to running Edibles Magazine, Edibles Distribution, and producing events li she has a rock band “Le Grand” that records and performs in Los Angeles. In her free time B loves to paint, make jewelry and hang out with her dogs, cats, and friends.

Mark Restili – Founder CannTrade, Hwy 101, Former NFL Miami Dolphins Player

Mark earned a degree in Agricultural Business with a minor in Viticulture from California Polytechnic State University. He worked in the wine industry during his 4-year professional football career and was responsible for the creation of his own small production distribution company called Glasshouse Wines. After leaving the wine industry and retiring from football, Mark spent the last 4 years working in the medical cannabis industry. He started growing cannabis in his garage and used his skills in design and marking to develop medical cannabis products for several shops and brands. In 2014,Mark founded Plant 2 Products, a collective that is now in the final stages of building and licensing its edible production facility. Most recently, Mark co-founded CannTrade, a software company whose focus is to connect cannabis business and provide them with resources and services to get their products out across the state. CannTrade is currently operating in California and Arizona.

Karin Clarke – Cannabis Trainers

Karin Clarke, CEO of KC Business Solutions has been consulting businesses across the United States for over 20 years. She finds valuable products and services to generate income, reduce costs and help you make your business GROW! Karin has been working in the Cannabis industry as a consultant for over five years. She brings sales management, sales training and business solutions to this emerging market.

Karin is the California Lead Trainer for Cannabis Trainers and provides ServSafe – Food Safety Certification and Sell-Smart Responsible Cannabis Vendor classes to dispensaries and Edibles manufacturers. Karin is a member of both the California Cannabis Industry Association and National Cannabis Industry Association and has the honor of being part of the Regulatory and Compliance Committee with the NCIA.

Working as a Consultant for Tax Defense Partners, Karin has helped businesses understand the complexities of taxes in the Cannabis industry and how to legally navigate through the 280e tax code. With the clients she works with at TDP, Karin found many startup businesses not understanding the nuances of the emerging and ever-changing California Cannabis market. She has consulted with numerous companies assisting them with referrals to other professionals and herself creating community outreach programs, navigating HR issues and training sales teams, managers and owners.

Finding balance in life is crucial to professional and personal growth. Karin is a Certified Integrative Health Coach supporting people to find balance in the main areas of life: Career, Spirituality, Exercise, Relationships and Food. She coaches clients to make sustained changes in these areas to find fulfillment and peace within themselves. In her practice, the discussion of how to use cannabis, with and without the psychoactive effects is common place. Cannabis the gateway to Health!

Khashayar Youssefi – Co-founder of USchemLab

Khashayar Youssefi is the Co-founder of USchemLab, an analytical laboratory specializing in quality control for the Cannabis industry. With a degree in Biology, Khashayar has been active in the laboratory industry for over 10 years and has been a frequent contributor to raising awareness about the benefits of medicinal Cannabis use. Khashayar likes to work in the areas of analytical method development and strategic business development.

Tyson Brown – Creative Director/CCO @ Propaganda Pimp

Tyson comes to the cannabis industry with a successful career in specialize branding portfolio. With past clients from Oakley, Hyundai, and within the actions sport industry the film Discovering Mavericks and California Surf Museum he has now expanded his branding talents to the green market. His in depth development has now assisted with creative programming of the US Weed Channel the first Cannabis based TV Network and The Mad Scientist brand a full line of cannabis products. His creative development assist with one of the most dynamic booths at the well attended HempCon to stellar reviews. His understanding of the cannabis market will support your company’s step to the next level of commerce within the growing market place.