Ask Dr. Mike: The Science Edition

dr mike may issue 45 the science edition

Q. Dr. Mike how do I get you to answer my questions?

A. Piece of cake! Write whatever you want answered to and I’ll give you the scoop.

Q. What are cannabis landrace strains?

A. A landrace strain is a product of geographic isolation. Basically, the plant has adapted to its environment by breeding with its neighbors for thousands of years. For example, african landraces like Durban Poison and Malawi developed close to the equator creating taller sativa like plants high in THC-V. Afghan landraces adapted to grow in the Hindu mountains at high elevations in cold climates. This resulted in short, shrub like plants that were more indica like. It all boils down to Darwin’s natural selection.

Q. What was the largest pot bust?

A. Over 330,000 plants were taken in 2009! This took place in Fresno County Ca. It resulted in the arrest of 82 individuals with Mexican Cartel ties. It is estimated that the bust had a value over $1 billion.

Q. Why did cannabis develop THC?

A. Cannabis developed THC as a defense mechanism. THC directly interacts with the part of the brain that controls memory, impairing short term memory. So back in the day when the wooly mammoth ate cannabis and got super stoned it couldn’t remember where those tasty buds were. This way cannabis was able to survive for thousands of years.

Q. Why did cannabis develop THC?

A. The causes of Alzheimer’s are very complex. Aging is the most consistent cause, mostly occurring in individuals over 60. Other factors are genetics, health, lifestyle and environment. I can’t tell you that cannabis causes or prevents Alzheimer’s, but it has demonstrated to reduce beta amyloid protein in the brain. Build up of this protein is thought to be one of the major causes of the disease.

Q. Can you vape things other than cannabis?

A. Sure you can. You can vape vitamin B12 for an energy boost. You can vape essential oils, like in aromatherapy. You can vape nicotine in e-cigs or the Juul if you want stimulation, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Q. What is the best temperature to take a dab?

A. That’s a matter of personal preference. Most cannabinoids vaporize between 315-450°F. Low temp dabs allow you to enjoy a wide range of terpenes that would otherwise burn off at high temps, giving you more flavor. However, some concentrates require higher temps to melt all of the waxes. I find 600-750°F is the sweet spot, for complete vaporization and strong effect. At really high temps, above 900°F complete combustion occurs and carcinogens like benzene are formed. The best way to find what works for you is getting an adjustable temperature E-nail…oh these things are super efficient!

Q. What is “water” clear?

A. Water clear is a type of cannabis oil, similar to what you find in your vape carts. It is virtually tasteless and odorless, Oh! and it is clear like water, duh! This means it is much more pure and difficult to produce. The process takes cannabis oils like BHO or rick simpson oil and boils off the cannabinoids, then collecting them in a fancy chemistry set. These cannabinoids are then washed in solvents, filtered through charcoal, put through a chromatography column and a bunch of other hocus pocus. Bada bing bada boom you get 97%+ cannabinoids…How you doin.

Q. What is full melt hash?

A. Full melt hash is made using a dry sifting method to separate trichomes from plant material from the trichomes resulting in a concentrate that melts when heated.

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