Infused Edibles offers a myriad of gummies, fruit & nuts, savory & spicy, tinctures and take-n-bake items, all made with either THC and CBD. The gummies are what put Infused on the map. Unlike many of their competitors they do not spray CO2 or use BHO in their infusion process. They have a proprietary process that allows them to individually infuse each product.

Although Infused Edibles offers an array of award winning gummies, we decided to review some of the more nontraditional items on the menu. We tried the 300mg dried mangos, 300mg grapefruit gummies,300mg dried cranberries and the 400mg take-n-bake birthday cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed the mango slices. Roughly six pieces come in the package and they taste amazing. There is definitely a cannabis taste, but it is not overwhelming. The ingredients are simple: dried mangos and marijuana extract. There are no crazy chemicals you cannot pronounce or preservatives. They are vegan and gluten free. I tried to stop myself, but I ended up eating all of them in one sitting. Shortly thereafter, my eyes started to get heavy and I felt that very familiar head change and was out. These things are incredibly potent, and work quickly and effectively.

Next came the grapefruit gummies. These are different than the typical gummy worms and sour patch kids that we see in the market. These were not quite as healthy as the mangos, but are quite delicious nonetheless. They are gummies shaped like slices of grapefruit coated in sugar. The THC is much less detectable in these. Unfortunately, once more I could not keep from eating almost all of them. I would take a nibble and put it down then take another nibble and set it down. Eventually I repeated it enough times that the package was empty!

Moving on to the dried cranberries… These things are another awesome healthy choice. The taste of cannabis is prevalent when you first put them in your mouth, but eventually the taste subsides. The dried cranberries are the perfect choice for daytime medicating. They are discreet and 300mg is dispersed throughout the entire bag. This means you only have to eat a couple of them to achieve the desired effects.

Last but not least, the take-n-bake birthday cake weighing in at 400mg. Their line of revolutionary just-add-water products includes cakes, cookies, brownies and even mac n’ cheese! The mix comes in a simple black pouch marked with ingredients and pertinent information. When you open the package you find cake mix, a small package of multicolored sprinkles and a cake dish. The only additional items you need are: ¼ cup water, an oven and a cookie sheet.

The process is fairly simple. Pre-heat your oven
to 325°F. Mix the ingredients together, add water and pour the batter into the cake dish. Place the cake dish on a cookie sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes. The cake is a basic yellow cake with sprinkles in it. To turn this cake into your own work of art, you can add all of your favorite ingredients and icings.
We covered our cake in chocolate frosting and split it between two of us. The cake was surprisingly moist and super delicious. There were bits of hash visible though the taste was not at all overwhelming. The high from it was wonderful. A feeling of calm immediately fell over me. I was happy and giggly although not very productive. It was a very happy high. I suggest this be eaten on a weekend or a night that you do not have much to do after consumption.

Infused Edibles are truly in a league of their own! Please be warned, I ate these products and just kept eating. I didn’t realize I was high until all of the sudden I was definitely high. I conked out and was out cold for the reminder of the night. Check out the full Infused Edibles menu at:

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