Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023: For the Love of the Leaf

Natural Healing Hawaii

Since 2016, the Hawaii Cannabis Expo has aimed to educate the public on the many medicinal benefits offered by the Cannabis plant, providing attendees with in depth information on how to safely access cannabis in Hawaii as a registered patient. After a two year hiatus due to COVID-19, the Hawaii Cannabis Expo has returned with a renewed focus on the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. 

This year’s theme is Natural Healing and takes place February 4th – 5th, 2023 at The Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. As a Naturopathic event, this year’s Hawaii Cannabis Expo will include vendor booths from a wide range of companies pertaining to the ever-growing medical cannabis and alternative medicine industry. A wide array of exhibitors will be there, including but not limited to yoga, massage therapists, reiki healers, clothing brands, lifestyle vendors, glass artists, accessories, lighting, hydroponics, and many others. With a focus on alternative healing, vendors and sponsors are coming together under one roof to display a massive selection of products, services, and information. Enjoy a weekend of wellness education, health tips, natural and herbal medicine, indigenous speakers, live demonstrations, merchandise vendors, food booths, and DIY chill and paint with Hawaiian storytelling. There are some amazing sponsors this year who fit perfectly within the theme of Natural Healing and Alternative Medicine. 

Natural Healing Hawaii 2

One focus of this year’s expo will be cannabis use with yoga practice. Incorporating cannabis into your yoga routine can simultaneously increase your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. It allows the practitioner to fall much deeper into meditation as it relaxes the frontal lobe, letting the mind experience what our muscles do – flexibility and expansion. Because yoga is a mindfulness builder, a light exercise practice and a centering routine all in one, yoga is a natural candidate for being combined with cannabis. It is a great way to lessen stress and connect with oneself. Yoga Under the Palms is a Hawaiian owned family business whose goal is to share the healing practice of yoga with you. (

Cannabis education and naturopathic medicine go hand in hand when it comes to the theme of natural healing. Pakaloha Care is a nurse practitioner – led education service serving Oahu and certain outer islands. The PAKALOHA name combines Pakalolo and the spirit of Aloha. Pakaloha Care is a cannabis certification & education clinic with a mission to provide personalized cannabis education and wellness to the HI population. Pakaloha care was established to provide compassionate, affordable, and easy access to cannabis certification, and to provide safe and effective use of medical cannabis through education and dosing guidance. They offer medical cannabis certifications and renewals for Hawaii residents. (

Another very exciting sponsor at the expo this year is Lāʻau Naʻau. Lāʻau Naʻau lifestyle is a message of wellness. Lāʻau means leaf and Naʻau means center. Lāʻau Naʻau designs honor the plants used in traditional Hawaiian medicinal healing, including cannabis . Lāʻau lapaʻau plants have an important role in life wellness and health. The history of lā‘au lapa‘au has been shared by past generations for over a thousand years. The goal of Lāʻau Naʻau is to educate and share awareness. Products include clothing, probiotic skin lotion, pillows, accessories and more.  Lāʻau Naʻau creations and designs weave an element of growth and highlight indigenous and endemic plants of Hawai’i. Many of these plants are endangered.  Preservation and awareness is critical to their survival.(

This year boasts an impressive roster of special medical guest speakers, including:

Abby Amirdash: Owner Pakaloha Care

Bob Hoban, ESQ: Cannabis Legalization as an Economic Driver, The Hoban Minute as Forbes Contributor, Chair Clark Hill Law

Joseph Cerecedes: Indigenous Perspectives on Natural Healing

Martin A. Lee: Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics 

Dr. Thomas Cook: Adverse Reactions to Cannabis and How to Predict and Manage Them

Kirk Reid aka Captain Kirk: Overcoming Opiate Addiction Through Cannabis

Wendy Gibson-Viviani: Latest Research on Epilepsy, Cancer, IBS, Autism, Migraines, Fibromyalgia

B. Le Grand: Using Cannabis for Naturopathic Female Pain Management 

John “Prime” Hina: Paint While Listening to Hawaiian “Moʻolelo” Storytelling 

Expo hours are:

Saturday, February 4, 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday, February 5, 9:00AM – 5:00PM 

Tickets are only $10. For more information visit the website at

The Hawaii Cannabis Expo is also making history with a local television commercial being aired during the local news promoting the expo’s naturopathic focus. Never before in history has a cannabis related company or event been allowed to air a TV commercial throughout the islands. Another amazing history-making feat is landing mainstream sponsors like Domino’s. 

If anyone gets hungry during the expo, Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken from the North Shore of Oahu will be there barbecuing up a storm. So the only thing anyone is going to smell is Huli Huli chicken. 

Edibles Magazine will also be there so please drop by our booth to say hello. We hope to see you there.

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