Cheeky Monkey Oral Cannabis Strips

Cheeky Monkey Oral Cannabis Strips

This new item is a clear strip that you place in your mouth to receive your infusion. It seemed simple and once on your taste buds it had a pleasant taste of freshness. I was well hydrated and on an empty stomach and truly within 15 minutes I felt the effects of Cheeky Monkey. This was the 30 milligram strip I took and since I was in a stage of micro dosing it came on smooth and fast. The effect was nice and gentle over a period of about 3 to 4 hours.

One of the greatest things about these breath strips, is that they create such a subtle and simple method of medicating with cannabis. It’s an ideal product for travelling, and is incredibly easy to transport and store.

What I also found was the conscious testing of Cheeky Monkey with a 27.32% of THC in the CW Analytical Lab testing along with a litany of other great results. Clean, balanced and a good product with fantastic outcome. The Monkey delivers and I’ll be seeking to where this new product is be carried to share with friends, because who wouldn’t want to be a Cheeky Monkey!

Keiko Beatie

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