Editor’s Pick: Heavenly Sweet Medibles Cherry Bomb Brownie

Editor's Pick: Heavenly Sweet Medibles Cherry Bomb Brownie

The Heavenly Sweet Medibles Cherry Bomb Brownie is a dark chocolate fudge brownie with cheesecake stripes and dark sweet cherries, finished with white chocolate chunks and perfectly medicated with a Cannabutter dose packing 150 mg of THC in every package. Considering how decadently delicious it tastes, it’s actually surprising that each one is only 430 calories. The Cherry Bomb weighs 5 1/4 oz (149 g/5.3 oz) and 1 full serving is in each container. For some people, 150 mg of THC is actually going to be too much medicine to have in a single serving, and it’s also probably not a bad idea to take your time with something this good anyway. I’ll reiterate – this edible is a seriously tasty dessert. Dark chocolate fudge, white chocolate, cheesecake, cherries, and Heavenly Sweet

Canna Butter all come together creating a brownie that tastes like so much more. The Heavenly Sweet Cannabis infused butter is some of the creamiest and most powerful we’ve encountered, and it’s absolutely what’s fueling this epicurean treat of an edible.

When it comes to high quality tasting edibles that are well medicated, this brand truly tastes heavenly. Moist, sweet, and infused with top shelf cannabis butter – it really does taste just as good, actually far better, than most any brownie you’ll have ever tasted. Eat the Cherry Bomb all at once and enjoy the ride, or snack on it throughout the day in microdose bites – both methods help you stay happy, high, and heavenly sweet.

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