From Gas Station to Grass Station: How WOMEN + WEED Use Cannabis to Fuel the Feminine Soul

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There is magic happening in west Tulsa.  From the ever-expanding and bustling row of cannabis businesses on Charles Page Boulevard, to the whimsical 420 and artist-friendly sites at West Bend RV outpost, there is no shortage of weed, culture, or art on this side of the river.  WOMEN + WEED, an organization dedicated to supporting women, and their December wellness retreat, ART + SOUL, was the embodiment of just such things. 

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Once an old gas station on west Edison, Lisa Regan’s striking blue art studio rivals the color of the sky on a clear, sunny day.  The inside was no less fascinating.  Gorgeous paintings, a quirky mannequin under a vintage salon hair dryer, and a rusty old church sign adorned the space.  Inside, tables were arranged by social distancing guidelines and stocked with brushes, paints, and canvas.  The space also contained a small kitchen stocked with snacks, edibles, and beverages where Chef Taylor Latouche served a slew of nutritious vegan lunches for all in attendance. My personal favorite was the firepit out back where everyone could sit for a smoke and chat next to crackling logs on this particularly brisk December day. 

With the smell of campfire and cannabis lingering in the air, the women began their creative expeditions with guidance and knowledge from artist Lisa Regan.  Creativity wasn’t the only thing being sparked, however. Breaks were taken at leisure for fireside camaraderie and the occasional toke.  Also sprinkled in throughout the day were 15-minute yoga sessions led by Ana Berry to keep everyone moving and relaxed while WOMEN + WEED organizer, Jeana Acosta, made sure the retreat ran smoothly without a snag.  

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I look forward to seeing what future events WOMEN + WEED will be doing.  There is no stopping the flow of creativity when a community of women come together to support each other and bring about growth.  I am incredibly happy to be part of an industry that offers events such as these.  If you would like to be a part of the next WOMEN + WEED affair, you can like and follow them on Facebook, or head to to see what events they’ve got in the works for 2021.

Laine Durand

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