Product Review: Medicine Woman Bday Cake Vape

I was lucky enough to receive a 500mg B-day Cake vape cartridge while at the Orange County Cannabis Education Expo. It was the first I’d heard of this brand and it looked a lot like most higher end, glass and metal cartridges filled with clear concentrate so my expectations weren’t particularly high – but this product surprised me big time! Totally pure, organic and live resin from the Birthday Cake hybrid cannabis strain that was incredible tasting and over 90% THC! Made with a “cutting edge purification system” that leaves no aftertaste, this TMW live concentrate is taking the Vape game to exciting new places. It’s also very potent as I mentioned and makes you float, both mind and body, in the best of ways. This product must be tried to be believed, and you can visit to find out how you can get your very own.

Patrick Ian Moore,
Senior Editor

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