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I’m a princess about lube. Seriously. I’m the girl who brings her own pump bottle to sleepovers, that invariably explodes all over my overnight bag, causing heartache for toothbrushes and contact lenses alike. Like me, my vagina is high maintenance and dramatic, the tiniest pinch of unwelcome product or uncomfortable fabric will send her off into a tizzy for days. Over the years, I’ve learned to avoid most products that claim they’ll show her a good time.

Enter, Foria, a sensual and pleasure focused personal lubricant that claims to be nothing short of the evolution of pleasure. Unlike other products that profess to unlock the mysteries of female sexuality with a long list of difficult to pronounce ingredients, Foria keeps it simple with a short list of ingredients that sound as familiar as old friends: cannabis, coconut oil, peppermint, and cacao are the primary components of this love potion.

The first person to try the product in my household was my girlfriend. She whined that her bits were sore, and I mentioned there was a sample spray bottle of Foria on the table she could try out, to see if it helped at all. Cannabis, of course, is an ancient medicine used not only for it psychoactive and aphrodisiac qualities, but it is also known of its healing analgesic qualities as well.

Within moments, my girlfriend was curled up on the couch, cooing that she smelled like a thin mint. I did some “scientific” investigating and discovered the taste was on point as well. The mint kept her tingling, and the coconut oil and cannabis combination kept the fun going long into the afternoon, with no hissy fit aftermath from my princess parts — Foria is safe even for the most sensitive of players.

Siouxsie Q

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