Pharm Aide Pharms Flower: Blood Orange Kush + Skittles Flower

Pharm Aide Pharms Flower: Blood Orange Kush + Skittles

Pharm Aide Pharms has been one of my very favorite cultivators for almost three years now. I was first introduced to their product when they submitted their pre rolled joints for The Best of Edibles List Awards show in 2016. Immediately I was hooked and had a new favorite flower company. Pharm Aide won the awards for Best Hybrid Flower: 1st Place for their “Sunset Sherbet”, and for “Best Preroll” they took 2nd Place. In 2017 we distributed their product and in 2018 I visited their Colorado farm and did a really fun story about their growing process. Then, they sold the farm in California, sold the farm in Colorado and moved the entire family to Oklahoma.That means to get Pharm Aide Pharms flower you have to be in Oklahoma. Technically that’s quite an obstacle but nothing is impossible and I happen to be from Oklahoma, so we made it happen. We had a press booth at The Green on Greenwood Health and Wealth Cannabis Expo in downtown Tulsa at The Greenwood Cultural Center and guess who came? Pharm Aide Pharms. Finally we were able to legally obtain medical cannabis in Oklahoma from Pharm Aide Pharms. All it took was moving back and seeing a doctor at The Tulsa Higher Care Clinic.

We tried a few strains, including Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Purple Panty Dropper, but the one we’re talking about here and now is Blood Orange Kush + Skittles. Now honestly, I’d been missing this company for a long time. Nothing I’ve been smoking since has treated me as well. I seriously hadn’t gotten this high from flower alone for about 13 months, which was around when the last of our Pharm Aide ran out.It was beautiful to finally feel truly high again. I actually oversmoked and practically nodded off, but after a few cups of coffee I was ready for another blissful blunt. After another smoke I was in the backyard watching baby frogs hop around while I played with a promotional fidget spinner and listened to someone playing Bob Dylan covers on an acoustic guitar. Too much fun, it was almost surreal. For now, I guess it’s time to move back to California.

The founders of Pharm Aide Pharms say this on their website: “We take pride in taking care of the earth and practice environmentally friendly methods of cultivating the best strains for the specific needs of customers and patients. Our brand has a strong emphasis on environmental & social issues to lend support to the gradual end of Marijuana prohibition. We believe in becoming a trusted brand that helps shape the Cannabis Industry in the coming years… Our method of growing in ‘open air’, hoop houses, and Environmentally Controlled Greenhouses allow us to use soilless mixes specifically formulated with natural nutrients and feeding processes. We take great pride in implementing control of pesticide, disease, and mold.”

If you live in Oklahoma, check the store finder on the PAP website at and find out where you can buy some of this very fine flower.

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