Rare Extracts Half Gram Live Resin

RARE EXTRACTS LIVE RESIN CART - Edibles Magazine Editors Pick Featured Review Oklahoma

The new half gram cartridge from RARExtracts is live resin with no cut, no filler, no added terpenes and it’s not distillate. This is high terpene, full spectrum live resin made from top quality flower grown indoors in Oklahoma and extracted using butane (BHO). I’ve always said that the classics are classics for a reason and top quality live resin vape cartridges are no exception. The carts are made from glass and the tips are black ceramic, so it’s a nice looking little piece of hardware branded with the RARExtracts black and white logo. It’s a trippy picture, same as the box and the longer you look at it and the more you hit the vape, the more 

you see. 

The taste of this Rare resin vape is sweet and smooth. Let’s be honest, some of the options out there are bad and they taste like Sno-Cones mixed with Windex. When you find one you like, that actually works, you want to stick with it. This is a vape you’ll want to stick with. Strong and delicious with a solid potency and a terp-tasting flavor, it helps you get nice and high in an easy to control way that makes it simple to maintain by casually continuing to hit it throughout the day. I paired mine with a Puff Paradise rechargeable battery with 3 settings and kept it on medium so I could get extra big pulls and blow extra big smoke rings. We’ve become big fans of the RARExtracts line of concentrates and always look forward to seeing what they are doing next. 

Visit all their social media profiles @RAREXtracts and see where you can buy a cartridge for yourself and check out what else is available. 

Nat Cassidy

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