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“When you break it down, girls have a home in this industry in any way, shape or form.”

THE PROMOTIONAL GENIUS – Vanessa “ChaCha VaVoom” Sahagun has turned an organization with only a handful of members into an internationally known conglomerate. Women all over the world are flocking to the 420Nurses as a way for them to bridge the gap between their every day lives and cannabis. The 420Nurses is a marketing company created by women for women providing services including promotional modeling, online promotions, print distribution, social networking and activism.

The 420Nurses have been severely misjudged in our industry. There are people who feel as though the 420Nurses just perpetuate the cycle of objectifying women, but what most people do not realize is that these girls are professionals. Although some people do not agree with what Ms. VaVoom (as she is most known as) created, it is a platform that allows women to come together and find a home within the cannabis industry. She has created a safe haven for women to express themselves within the industry. She said it best; “We want[ed] to bring more of a home to these girls where they’re not going to feel alone. It’s more of a family where we are able to grow.”

Vanessa explained that the 420Nurses began out of necessity, “Promotional modeling and cannabis were a part of my life. To me promotional modeling and being in this industry is huge.” It all started with promotional models wearing cannabis clothing and sparking conversations about pot at various events. The 420Nurses are unique in the fact that they do not distribute or sell cannabis – they just smoke a lot of it!

In addition to promotional modeling, the 420Nurses can be seen advocating and collecting signatures for CCHI. ChaCha and her crew have been collecting signatures and assisting in legalization efforts for years. Many are too quick to judge this woman and this organization. ChaCha explained that 420Nurses is not geared toward sexualizing women. It is about empowering women to feel comfortable with cannabis.

Vanessa Sahagun is a truly genuine person. She has created a platform where women can express themselves and choose how they represent themselves and the industry. Not everything the 420Nurses do are done while scantily clad. These ladies have filled a niche in the market and have done it extremely well.

For more information about ChaCha VaVoom and the 420Nurses please go to:
IG: @420Nurses
Twitter: @420Nurses
Facebook: /420Nurses

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