Xzibit’s Brass Knuckles Vaporizer Line Review

Xzibit's Brass Knuckles Vaporizer Line Review

I have to confess that I am not the biggest fan of vape pens, I happen to consider myself pretty old-school. I prefer to examine the flower and inhale the aroma as a part of the process. With that being said, vapes do have their place in the industry. I often keep one handy when I’m out and about because of their discretion, I can usually medicate undetected.

Some of the drawbacks for me are the taste, and being paranoid about my lungs. Vape oils just do not taste natural to me and I have compromised lungs, so using too much starts to irritate me.

Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridges are among the best I have ever tried. There is absolutely no hint of a solvent and there are no mystery flavors to try to interpret. These cartridges taste just like the strain they represent. Before I get into my review, I have to mention that the pen itself is a work of art. The pen is a gold autodraw this is just downright gorgeous.

The first flavor of vape I tried was Skywalker. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. This oil is the closest to the actual flower I have ever tasted and offers a full gram of CO2 oil. I could not detect any solvents whatsoever. Using that beautiful pen also added to the experience. Banana OG was the next flavor I tried. This one tasted a little lighter than Skywalker; however, it was still very effective. It felt very clean and high-quality just like the first one. I found it hard to gauge which one may be stronger. Last but not least was the Gorilla Glue OG. This one to me was pretty mild in taste, but that did not reflect in its efficacy. After inhaling only a couple of times brought rapid relief.

All in all, I am very glad I was given the opportunity to review this product. It really has helped to improve my opinion on using a vape. These really do not taste like you are inhaling chemicals, and most importantly to me, they are free of artificial flavors. I would have to say that my favorite of the three was Skywalker.

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