Is Minnesota the Next to Legalize?

Will Minnesota be the next state to legalize

Minnesota may be following in the footsteps of Missouri, and might be the next state to legalize cannabis. They already have a small medical marijuana program in place, but with bills in the House and Senate this spring, it looks likely that their medical marijuana program may quickly expand into a recreational adult-use cannabis program. 

Negotiators from Minnesota’s House and Senate will need to iron out the differences between the two marijuana legalization bills. 

Similarities in the bills are Minnesotans being 21 and up to acquire cannabis at licensed retailers, grow their own plants and keep a certain amount for personal use, while also expunging non-violent marijuana offenses from criminal records.

Differences in the bills include how it will be taxed, how illicit unregulated sales would be penalized and how social equity applicants will qualify.  

City councilmen, citizens and even cannabis advocate and former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura bore passionate testimonies citing reason after reason why cannabis should not be illegal. Some of the facts presented include that it makes no sense cannabis is a Schedule I drug when there is documented evidence that cannabis has medical benefits, furthermore keeping it illegal does not lower the crime rates or inhibit the illicit market at all. 

Click Here to read our original interview and article featuring Jesse Ventura on the cover of Edibles Magazine Issue No. 37

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