Pot Stocks and Stocked Pots: GrowGeneration Corp and Cowboy Cannabis Beef Stew

Pot Stocks and Stocked Pots - Cowboy Beef Stew with Mushrooms and Carrots

Investing in the ancillary side of cannabis is sometimes a safer bet and it’s also often showing a quicker return on investment. GrowGeneration Corp (GRWG Stock Report) entered into the cannabis ancillary space in 2014. In the last six years, GrowGeneration has grown to become one of the number one operators in both the agri-tech space as well as now being one of the top hydroponic suppliers in the USA. At this time GrowGen operates over 25 retail and commercial hydroponic gardening and growing centers in Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Michigan Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and now Florida. 

GrowGen also recently acquired The GrowBiz, the country’s 3rd biggest chain of hydroponic gardening centers. The deal with The GrowBiz will be closing before the fiscal year-end of 2020. As GRWG heads into 2021, it is a very promising cannabis stock to watch. Learn more about them at Growing requires patience and so does slow cooking. That’s why the recipe for this go-round is a slow cooked cowboy stew, with cannabis. 

Slow Cooked Cowboy Cannabis Beef Stew


8 ounces of grassfed beef cut into small cubes

Baked beans in tomato sauce 

4 yellow potatoes cut into cubes

½ cup corn, ½ cup carrots, ½ cup onions – All diced

⅓ cup of sliced mushrooms

½ cup of your favorite barbecue sauce 

2 diced roma tomatoes 

½ tablespoon of chili powder pepper 

Salt and Pepper

Jackalope Pharms THC Avocado Oil Tincture (or any infused oil)


Spread the stewing beef cubes across the bottom of your slow cooker or crock pot. Pour the beans on top and stir well to mix them. Add tomatoes, corn, carrots, onions, garlic, chili powder, barbecue sauce and potatoes. Stir it until the combination is nicely blended. Cover with lid and cook on low for eight hours or on high for four hours. 30 minutes before it’s done add the infused avocado oil. We recommend 4 full droppers worth. Each dropper is approximately 10mg of THC. Enjoy and please know your dose. The wait will be well worth it. 

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