RVD THC Rolling Thunder Infused Pre-Roll

Edibles Magazine Reviews RVD THC Rolling Thunder

Rob Van Dam, also known as RVD and “The Whole F’cking Show,” has held multiple professional wrestling world championships as well as being voted the number one wrestler in the world and the most popular wrestler alive. Now he’s introducing a powerful new and infused pre-roll to the Oklahoma Medical Cannabis arena: The RVDTHC “Rolling Thunder” Infused Pre-Roll, named after one of his signature moves. The Rolling Thunder move goes like this: While RVD’s opponent is down on the mat, he starts on one side of the ring and rolls toward his foe. He then springs to his feet and flips onto his opponent, landing on his back. It’s a very gymnastic move that requires extreme strength, agility and flexibility. 

The Rolling Thunder Pre-Roll is also highly complex, and made by using 1.25 grams of top shelf, indoor full flower in an all natural, unbleached hemp paper cone, coating it in full spectrum live resin, and dusting it with a high quality kief blend. The flower used in The Rolling Thunder has an average potency of 25% THC, the concentrate used has an average potency of 70% and the kief is 50%. The whole thing weighs out at 1.75 grams of cannabis product, 1.25 grams of cannabis, 0.25 grams of resin and 0.25 grams of kief. 

Smoking a Rolling Thunder is an experience unto itself. It’s a lot of power packed into a smoke that takes about 10 minutes to finish, but the feeling will start hitting immediately and by the time you’re done you’ll be on the mat, metaphorically speaking. It’s an even blend of sativa and indica cannabis so the hybrid high allows you to function well despite the blissful haze you’re in. 

RVD himself recommends enjoying one with a cup of coffee and watching Youtube videos about mobsters and other dimensions. 

Available in Oklahoma’s finest dispensaries. Read more about RVD here

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