Dr. Raw Organics THC Tincture

Dr. Raw Organics THC Tincture - Edibles List Magazine Review

Dr. Raw Organics’ THC Tincture is a small bottle filled with powerful medicine. One ½ fluid ounce, 15 ML, contains a total of 210 MG of THC and 15 MG of CBD. An eyedropper of the liquid has a dose of around 10 MG of THC, so 1-3 of those is a good serving, depending on your tolerance. This is potent stuff, so don’t overdo it. The taste can definitely be described as “strong”, like a shot of wheatgrass infused with grain alcohol, but the flavor isn’t exactly important with a product like this. If you’re brave enough, taking it directly on or under the tongue is a fast way to medicate, and it’s not terrible – just seriously medicinal tasting. I also added the tincture to some pumpkin spice coffee with cream, and also to some spicy Thai coconut soup. The taste was undetectable and it was a simple and effective way to infuse both items.

The ingredients are simple: organic cannabis, and organic cane alcohol. Like all the products made by Dr. Raw, it’s an all natural way to medicate and comes in delightfully old school styled packaging with a classic looking aesthetic. This THC tincture is an easy and practical way to take your medicine on the go, and in most any situation. Once again – it’s a very potent potion, so use responsibly and have fun. Warning: If you have an intolerance to alcohol, this may not be the tincture for you.

Patrick Ian Moore

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