EVENT FEATURE: The First Annual 710 Event

The First Annual 710 Event in San Bernardino was definitely better than I was expecting. The event was presented by Chef Nugs and Kashmir. Usually first time events are tossed together pretty quickly and super disorganized, but not this event. It was not as big as the Cannabis Cup, but in my opinion, it was better, simply because you could sit down, have a conversation with everyone without being constantly interrupted. The hustle and bustle was not as distracting, and it seems people had “real” fun at this event, I know I did.

The venue was laid out nicely, and there were vendors both outside and inside. My favorite booth, (and this is just my personal opinion), was The Pirate Candy booth. Pirate Bill, what can I say, except thank you, for being such a great host, inviting my friends over like we were family, and treating us like kings. Even when party fouls took place, like breaking the Nectar Collector (sorry again!), it was no sweat.

Another wonderful booth I visited was the California Cannabis for Hemp Initiative 2016. On a political note, I have heard so much about this organization. They are truly passionate about the cause, and after speaking to them; they could not stand out more. Please check out their website, read it, and make an opinion for yourself based on facts

The 710 Show was a well-rounded event in San Bernardino. All musical guests were off the hook and went on stage in a timely manner, keeping the crowds happy. When I spoke to Chef Nugs regarding this event he said, “I really enjoyed doing the 710 Experience Festival! It went very well, actually better than expected! All of our artists went up on time and were happy, the vendors were all happy at the end, and of course, all the fans were happy and had a great time! We are planning another event July 18th called The 710 Meltdown in LA check out for info!”


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