Holiday Ganja Gift Guide


The Edibles List Holiday Ganja Gift Guide!

The Holidays are upon us, and it’s once again time to rejoice, give thanks, celebrate, and give gifts! The Edibles List has assembled, in no certain order, a collection of a baker’s dozen of our favorite products to help you find the perfect present for friends, family, or yourself this season! So sit back and dig it; The Edibles List presents our Holiday Ganja Gift Guide 2016! Enjoy and Happy Holidaze!

W Vapes
W Vapes products have been on the market for over a year now, and have been continually evolving and improving the entire time. Our gift guide pick for them this season is their line of 500 mg Co2 Oil Vape Cartridges. W was among the early pioneers of the stainless steel and glass cartridge revolution, and the oil keeps getting better and better all the time. Available in a variety of strains in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, and each one is etched with an I, an S, or an H. It’s platinum clear, totally pure, and potent, averaging around 70% THC. W Vapes separates the terpenes before extracting the oil, and reintroduces them in post processing – meaning the oil then tastes the way the original organic flower smelled – and that’s a wonderful thing. Effects are smooth and powerful, and you’re certain to find a flavor perfect for you. Favorites include classics such as: GSC, Fire OG, True OG, Tangie OG, Sour Diesel, Super Silver Haze, and Green Crack. Pair your cartridge with a W Vapes Brand Push Button or Direct Inhale Battery for a complete vaping experience. Go to WVapes.com for cannabinoid and terpene profiles of available strains, lab results, and retail locations.

Incredibles Candy Bars
Incredibles is the best selling edible in Colorado and they’re quickly catching on everywhere else. It’s easy to see why – Incredibles sets themselves apart from the pack by offering a variety of flavors in their line of infused candy bars, meaning there are choices other than traditional dark and milk chocolate. Strawberry Crunch and Peanut Butter Buddha with Pretzel Bits are two terrific examples of rich, wonderful tastes you won’t find anywhere else – and of course there is chocolate too: Mile High Mint Chocolate, White Chocolate Affogato with Coffee, and Chocolate Toffee Boulder Bars, with strengths ranging in potency from 100mg-300 mg. These marijuana edibles are deliciously sweet, crunchy, and they absolutely get the job done. Each bar is segmented into 10 identically sized squares, making controlled dosing incredibly easy. Try making S’mores using Incredibles Cannabis Candy Bars, marshmallows, and Graham crackers – it’s the perfect infused holiday party-pot- treat. Visit their site at iLoveIncredibles.com to learn more.

Green Ticket Bakery: Hillbilly Hash Tea
You can’t vape and eat all of your medicine – sometimes you have to drink it! With that in mind, we’re recommending Hillbilly Hash Tea from Green Ticket Bakery. This Cannabis Hash Tea comes in a classic moonshine style Mason Jar and is available in a wide variety of different delicious fruit flavors, including: Cherry Lime, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Unsweetened Strawberry, and Watermelon. You can find this infused drink in two different strengths, 90 mg or 180 mg, and in Indica or Sativa. It tastes sweet and is great over ice. Mix it with lemonade and pour over ice to make an extra-special “Arnold Palmer”. Hillbilly Hash Tea is the perfect drink for a non-alcoholic nightcap, and is also an ideal beverage to enjoy sipping on at parties. It’s all natural, and alcohol, butane, and canna-butter free! Hillbilly Hash Tea is also our beverage of choice this season for making those holiday toasts.

Foria Personal Cannabis Lubricant
When it comes time to get in touch with your inner self, you shouldn’t skimp on product – you’re always better off using the best of the best, and Foria definitely is in a class by itself among the leaders in the industry. 75 mg of heavily medicated quality liquid coconut oil that glides on as smooth and effortlessly as possible. Their motto is “Pleasure Within” and that’s definitely what you’ll feel when experiencing the unique euphoria brought on by Foria Infused Lube. The warm tingling vibes let you know it’s working, and you’ll notice the relaxing feelings wash over you “down there.” This cannabis lube should be under every tree, and stuffed in every stocking this year. It’s great for singles, doubles, and others, and is safer than any other over the counter lube on the market. Foria Pleasure was the very 1st of its kind – a completely natural sex enhancing sensual oil designed for both women and their partners. Only the best ingredients are used in this magically infused blend of nourishing coconut oil and lab tested cannabis oil, and this amazingly sensual product was named “Sex Product of the Year” by GQ magazine. “Foria Pleasure was inspired by the ancient tradition of using cannabis as a natural aphrodisiac, harnessing the complex powers of marijuana to promote relaxation and increase blood flow.” Let Foria help you relax on cannabis clouds of ecstasy during the holidays and all the days.

Deviant Dabs
Deviant Dabs is a company that will immediately became near and dear to your heart, and they have their feminine touch down to total perfection. The deep rich colors of the packaging attract immediately and the stylistic design is very streamlined and classic. This high quality wax, rosin, and shatter comes in what looks just like a monogrammed compact designer makeup case that flips open for easy access. Once opened up it reveals a gram of beautifully extracted concentrate waiting ever so patiently right in the center of the the high grade, stick-proof silicone lining. It’s genuinely the most practical, innovative, and attractive packaging we’ve seen so far when it comes to storing and transporting these types of concentrates. Deviants Dabs are aromatic, versatile, and come in a variety of strains like Berry White, Grandaddy Purple, and Lemon Kush. All 3 styles of Dabs (Shatter, Wax, Rosin) worked well when added to a hand rolled joint and blended well with the flower to make the smoking experience richer and deeper. They also were great on their own when added to the E Nail and vaporized. The Dabs went down smooth, felt intensely mellow, and didn’t hurt or irritate while being enjoyed. An excellent gift for any dabber in your life, and especially appreciated by aesthetically by the ladies. Anyone who has Deviant Dabs is sure to be dazzled by the sleek and sexy packaging, and is sure to appreciate how simple it makes keeping the product safe, and ready to use whenever you need it. Deviant Dabs are made in Mendocino, California. Follow them at @DeviantDabs.

Evoxe Disposable Vape Pen
Slick, aerodynamically designed, and mood enticing – all at the same time. Evoxe is the latest disposable vape pen that infuses their products with organically grown essential oils along with their cannabis. Deep, is the Indica choice, and truly lives up to the name. The result is an amplified relaxation supplied by this essential indica blend because it also includes favorites like lavender and chamomile. Mother nature has been used for centuries to heal, so I love the concept of adding other natural oils to enhance the perfection of cannabis. Its lightweight and can travel with you anywhere for a quick meditation moment wherever life may take you. The company motto is #choosethemood (also a sweet hashtag), and with the essential oils that they’ve added it won’t be hard at all to do just that. Its close to odorless, and slightly fragrant. Stealth is the Hybrid, Engage is the Sativa, and the CBD option is called Balance. An easy choice for an on-the-go, disposable pen that fits nicely when stuffed in a stocking or your pocket. Find more info at evoxelabs.com

Derby Bakery Peanut Butter Cups
Derby Bakery Peanut Butter Cups are a fine example of an edible that has such a miraculously good taste you’ll be surprised by the chocolate and peanut butter excellence. These Derby cups are honestly some of the absolute best Peanut Butter Cups we’ve ever tasted, and they’re infused too. They come in 2 different strengths and in packs of four. 240 MG packs contain four 60 MG peanut butter cups, and the 80 MG pack contains four 20 MG cups. The higher dose is only our recommendation if you’re a regular heavy user. It’s impossible to ration these in micro-doses, they’re just too delicious, and it would take an near impossible willpower to not finish at least one whole cup in a single sitting. They are very high-quality medicine in a great tasting combination of peanut butter and chocolate with no detectable cannabis taste, only the fine effects. Celebrate and medicate, A jolly gift to give to one’s self, or someone you care about. 2 great tastes plus THC, and these PB and C cups pair well with hot cocoa, egg nog, or cold milk.

Dazey Hemp Skin Care RSO Creme/Extreme Facial Creme
Dazey Hemp Skin Care RSO Creme and Extreme Facial Creme are The Edibles List “Topicals of Choice” this Holidaze Season. Dazey Hemp is the creation of Country Music Artist Tonya Watts, who body doubled for Pamela Anderson on Baywatch and played Dolly Parton in The Barbara Mandrell Story. After careful research and experimentation, the lovely Ms Watts created Dazey Hemp as an all-natural, vegan, and fragrance-free way to treat the skin using hemp oil and dead sea minerals as rejuvenating anti-aging treatments that work synergistically to do wonderful things to your epidermis . Hemp seed oil is used for the great effect it has on moisturizing and hydrating the skin, while bringing a host of other benefits such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It works and feels wonderful replenishing dry skin, and improves Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne. Other ingredients include Safflower Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamins A, C, and E, and a Botanical Extract blend of Chamomile, Comfrey, Cucumber, and Aloe Vera. The Dazey Hemp Extreme Facial Creme can be ordered online and delivered anywhere, through the dazeyhemp.com website. Also available from Dazey Hemp, but only in licensed dispensaries, is The RSO Creme. RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a full spectrum plant extract of potent cannabis, containing very high levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The RSO Oil is combined with Hemp oil and Dead Sea Minerals to create an extra-special and soothing topical that makes your skin feel brand new. It’s great to have options, and Dazey Hemp gives you exactly that. They also have a refreshingly original line of other completely natural products, like The Dead Sea Mineral Peel with Organic Green Tea and Turmeric.

Flurish Gummies
Flurish Gummies are delicious and delightful soft gummy candies that come in Hybrid or Sativa, and four different fruity flavors: Pineapple, Sour Apple, Watermelon and Mango. The strength of the candies come in 15mg, 150mg and 300mg totals per box, and each box contains a prism of four segmented gummy shapes – meaning a 150mg box has four 37.5mg pieces inside and therefore controlling the dosage is really simple and user friendly. Flurish infuses the gummies using cannabis oil, but the taste isn’t detectable, even in the high-strength variety. These fruit flavored gummies taste and smell very good, just like regular high quality candy – so you’ll want to be extra careful, the deliciousness makes it easy to eat more than you actually need. If you are hesitant towards infused gummy candy, one great selling point we can’t ignore, is that Flurish makes their gummies from scratch. They are not sprayed or soaked, so you can be assured that their dosing is accurate and consistent. Flurish has a new CBD line of products they are rolling out as well as a sugar-free product. Flurish Gummies fit a lot of powerful medicine into a tiny, tasty package and are fantastic cannabis stocking stuffers for yourself or that special someone at any time of the holiday year!

Habit Infused Sparkling Beverages
Habit Sparkling Sodas come in a variety of fun flavors: Lemonade, Kiwi, Strawberry, Mango, and Peach, and they’re all deliciously refreshing and effective and it’s so very nice to know that this soda is made without High Fructose Corn Syrup. Habit’s infused carbonated fruit beverage is made with real fruit, which naturally enhances the sweetly tart amazing taste – and it has the dosing right on the bottle so you can always know how much you’re consuming. It’s easy to drink an entire 100mg Habit before you realize it, so be aware.The high cannabis buzz is joyfully lifting and relaxing and the sparkling fizz brings a nostalgic summertime fun and feel to the drink you’ll want to enjoy all year long, including this Holidaze. Great party beverage and a terrific choice to go with popcorn while you binge watch those shows on your Winter Break. Have a Holiday Habit this Season.

Bhang CBD Rich Hemp Oil Gum
Bhang CBD Rich Hemp Oil Gum is an innovative way to relieve pain – in a great tasting chewable CBD gum! The package contains eight pieces of chewing gum, with each piece containing 17 mg of rich hemp oil – making it 10 mg total CBD per piece. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active cannabinoid found in cannabis, and is terrific for pain relief. CBD is non-psychoactive, and can be used as a natural antidote if you ever feel you’ve consumed too much THC and require relief. Infused with a blend of pure hemp oil mixed with mango and lemon grass extract, this fresh mint flavored gum tastes nice and totally non-medicinal, it’s even decent for blowing bubbles. If you’re a gum chewer, this is definitely a product you should give a try. Bhang CBD Hemp Oil Gum is also an effective option in the case that you want to keep some easily accessible Cannabidiol on hand for those times when you may need assistance with cannabis over-consumption. What is exceptionally great about this product, is that it’s a wonderful ice-breaker to anyone looking to try cannabis as medicine, but afraid of THC. We have seen amazing success with autistic patients using this CBD gum. Additionally because it works as a medicinal delivery method if the patient has issues swallowing. And please remember to always dispose of gum responsibly. The rest of the world and their shoes appreciates it very much.

3C Farms Pre-Rolls
The holiday season is a time for celebrating classics and tradition, and that’s exactly what a pre-rolled joint is! In that spirit, we present 3C Farms Pre-Rolls. These pre-rolled joints are perfect for when you’re looking for that classic cannabis smoke – on the go, or on the couch, these pre-rolls hit the spot every time. Each one is a full ½ gram of flower and only costs five dollars. 3C Farms uses hydroponics and zero pesticides to grow uniquely hybridized strains from exotic genetics, so you’ve got some dank and diverse choices that include: Strawberry Fields, Banana OG, Valley Girl, Sasquatch Sap, Blucifer, Mossad, and more! Rolled in unbleached RAW brand papers and long fiber tips, the 3C Farms pre-rolls burn slow and smooth, the way a joint should, with minimal runs and maximum flavor. Packaged in protective, pocket-size tubes labeled with identification stickers, it’s the easy, effortless, and old school way to feel the way you want to – and they’re also great for blowing smoke rings! Available exclusively at Cannabal City in Downtown Los Angeles, or at Coast to Coast Collective in Canoga Park, but well worth the search. Call 213-613-1288 for more information, and smoke em’ if you got em’.

Infused Edibles Sugar-Free Gummie Peach Rings
Infused Edibles now offers their medicated Gummy Peach Rings in SUGAR FREE! This is often a challenge for people using cannabis for health reasons that prohibit sugar, whatever those reasons may be. Finally there is an option, and it tastes like actual candy! These sweet and chewy Gummy Rings have a candy peach taste without being detectable as “Sugar-Free”, and they don’t taste like weed either, they just taste like nice, normal candy, just like normal peach rings. The pieces are infused individually, and not by the batch, which is great because it means every peach ring contains an equal amount of cannabis oil and the dosage is very consistent. Available in packages of 150MG or 300MG, these peach flavored gummy rings taste delicious and genuine, and are perfect for anyone looking for a sugarless candy cannabis experience. This product is especially great for diabetic patients looking to consume their medicine in edible form like everyone else. Sugar-free edibles are certainly a hard find. It should be noted that Infused Edibles also has one of the largest selections of gummie lines, and each of their gummy flavors come in both THC and CBD.

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