Captain Kirk’s Cosmic Crunchers 500mg

Edibles Magazine Reviews - Cosmic Cruncher Skittles

Captain Kirk’s Cosmic Crunchers come in a nice compact tin that fits perfectly in my fanny pack. I took a pack of these with me to see the new Bob’s Burgers movie with my partner. We went into the theater, got a large popcorn and poured the whole container of Crunchers into the bucket. Best. Snack. Decision. Ever. I used to have a habit of combining sour patch kids and popcorn, but this is my new favorite movie snack.

The crumbly sweet bites were the perfect complement to the salty popcorn. They taste similar to skittles but with a better crunchy texture, similar to chewable vitamins, and each piece is only 10mg with 50 pieces per container, with 500mg in the entire jar. I have a bit of a sensitivity to hard candies and I was worried that it would break my teeth once I tried it, but surprisingly it mostly crumbled. I can really appreciate edibles that not only get me high, but that taste good as well. The Cosmic Crunchers are great since I can eat a whole handful of them without getting too stoned… and I did. What’s even better about them is that because they are freeze-dried, the candy lasts a lot longer than traditional candy, even after it’s been opened.

We never finish our popcorn and by the end, I was fishing out the rest of the crunchers from the bottom of the bucket. After the movie, I realized I felt a little lighter and more relaxed and after sitting in the theater so long, I could really feel my body once it was over and I stood up. I’ve had a couple of freeze-dried treats before, like astronaut ice cream, but these treats are a new infused twist that makes it fun to take your medicine. I’m always looking for unique items to try and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Lynn You

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