Jardin CBD Orange Mango Water

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Jardin is the premier cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas and now they have their own CBD Enhanced Water. Each bottle is 8 ounces of refreshing cannabidiol infused water that is gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, USDA organic, and Kosher. The pH range is 7.5-9.5, which is really good if that happens to be something you look for in water and it probably should be. CBD water is perfect for anyone looking to stay not only stay hydrated but get medicated as well. CBD beverages like Jardin’s Enhanced Water are ideal for recovery from a workout or for maintaining energy throughout the day. You can even make CBD infused orange mango flavored ice cubes by just pouring a bottle into some trays and letting them freeze.

Try this trick in the Summertime and you’ll think you’re a genius, especially if you have cottonmouth. Their CBD water is exclusively available at their Las Vegas retail location.

-Patrick Ian Moore

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