Letter From the Editor Issue 62

Letter From the Editor Issue 62

Greetings my friends,

Spring is upon us and that means a few things. Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter are coming up and so is the early part of planting season. So if you’re an early cannabis planter you’ll want to have your seeds ready to germinate soon. It’s warming up and the seasons are changing. We’ve put a great issue together this month with Cosmic Edibles on the cover and boy do they have a story to tell. 

My ‘How to ROLL a joint’ video on the Edibles Magazine Youtube Channel got a comment this week. The video is over two and a half years old now but it’s always great to get feedback. The comment says: 

“I used to have a friend that worked at High Times Magazine in the 1970’s. She had access to some awesome weed.  Me, I learned to roll in 1968. Only thing to remember about rollin’ is “will the joint burn evenly”. I’ve seen fat (pregnant) joints, skinny (Puerto Rican) joints and all kinds. You don’t need a grinder, we never had one. Hell, just break it up with your hands. It ain’t rocket science. Use the thinnest papers you can find, preferably without glue, your freakin’ spit will hold it together and we didn’t use filters. When the hell did that start??? The weed filters itself, duh. Besides how else you gonna get roaches for roach weed?? One last thing people, PLEASE don’t bogart. Just toke and pass it on. Fuhgeddaboudit.” — Marty Jewell

Thanks for the advice Marty. There have been a few exciting developments in joint rolling technology in the last 52 years though, and that includes grinders, glue and filters. Why fight the future, right? Is this the part where I say, “Okay Boomer.”?

We’ve been travelling a lot lately to Hawaii, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, and Boston following all of the latest cannabis developments happening throughout the Nation. The Oklahoma Cannabis Expo is happening soon and we’ll be there with Chef Matt and Tommy Chong. Chef Matt provided the recipes in this issue and Tommy Chong is on our list of the Top 7 Cannabis Moments in Reality Television. The list is inspired by our cover story featuring Kevin Harris, who was an executive producer on The Apprentice, with President Donald Trump. Yes it’s a little crazy and you can read the entire story in this very magazine! We’ve got a new crossword puzzle and reviews of Rob Van Dam’s CBD tincture and his documentary. Enjoy the Reality Issue, 

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.  

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore


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