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Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles is a force to be reckoned within the California medical marijuana industry. Their story begins with personal need and a desire to benefit those around them. Mr. & Miss Mary Jane met while Mr. Mary Jane was working alongside the brave men and women in the US Military as a private security contractor. Upon finishing his assignment, he struggled with the same issues many of our Veterans face upon returning home after battle and he turned to cannabis. Cannabis allowed him the opportunity to have a normal life after battle.

Although they were passionate marijuana advocates, they did not enter the industry until Miss Mary Jane’s mother-in-law, was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer. Miss Mary Jane baked her first batch of medicated Brownie Brittle for her mother-in-law on the first day of her treatment and with that, the idea of Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles was born. After four months of research, development and rigorous lab testing through SC Labs, Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles went to market in October 2014. According to Miss Mary Jane, their company “strives to be an honest edibles company that also gives back to the community.” They pride themselves on the being an ‘honest’ edible company; in fact, they run their business using a simple set of guidelines: Hardwork, Honesty & Humility. They believe it is not only the job of edible companies to provide, safe, consistent and lab-tested medicine for patients, but to help educate along the way.

In five short months, Miss Mary Jane has gained quite the following and was even voted #3 in OC Weed Review’s Top 5 Edibles of 2014. They are directly involved with Weed 4 Warriors Project, an organization that provides Veterans with medical marijuana information, a safe place to fellowship with other Veterans and safe access to free medicine with proof of service. “Our patients are what drives us. We love hearing from our patients, especially Veterans, who tell us how much our edibles are benefiting their lives. Those stories are what compel us to do this each and every day,” explained Miss Mary Jane.

Upon meeting Mr. & Miss MJ, it is extremely apparent that they are in it for the patients, not the financial gain. Miss Mary Jane may be a new player in the marijuana industry, but is no stranger to the kitchen. She has been baking since being trained by her grandmother at a young age and founded her own mainstream baking business, catering events throughout Southern California.

Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles offers a full line of gourmet baked goods that are some of the most exquisite looking (and tasting) edibles around. Living up to their beauty, they are equally as potent, with all of their edibles containing no less than 60mg active cannibinoids, made from the highest quality marijuana. Their menu currently consists of cake pops & truffles, whoopie pies, brownie bites and baked brittle – each edible containing the perfect mix of potency and rich flavor.

My personal favorite is their Chocolate Turtle Cake Pop (120mg). It was not only amazingly scrumptious, but it was the perfect size and I did not need to eat copious amounts of product (aka calories) to feel the desired effect. However with that being said, they have just launched their 4-pack brownie bites sampler and let me tell ya, they are like tiny pieces of heaven. The decedent, little creations come in four mouth-watering flavors: cookies & cream, salted caramel, peanut butter cups and double chocolate. Each brownie bite contains 60mg.

In the edibles industry, it is difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles is not worried about competition. In fact, they have a refreshing approach on being a competitor in this industry. Mr. & Miss Mary recognize that there are other companies with excellent product and feel that it is much better to work together rather than against one another. “When I am dropping off to dispensaries I always like to tell them about other ‘honest’ edible companies we believe in. We have received tons of guidance from others in the industry and we feel it is important to keep the grass roots alive” Mr. MJ said.
The wild, wild, west of marijuana that is California will drastically change come 2016. Miss MJ explained, where they hope to see the industry and their company in five years, “We absolutely want to see it (California) go legal for recreational use and we are gearing up for that – assuming California will go the same route as Colorado. We are in it for the long haul and are already developing our packaging and setting systems into place that will allow us to succeed when regulations are put into place. It is going to change the game.”

Their main focus is on the end user, they want to create and experience for the patient from the moment they see the product at the dispensary, to opening the box, to actually consuming the product. They understand there is a difference between medicating and enjoying it, “just because it’s medicine doesn’t mean it has to taste terrible,” proclaimed Ms. MJ.

MMJE promotes edible safety and encourages patients to medicate responsibly. They encourage their patients to always keep their product away from children and pets, “keep it under lock and key and out of reach of children just as if you would with a regular medication.” Mr. MJ explains it simply, “You can always eat more, start off at low dose and work your way up. At this point, dispensaries shouldn’t be offering edibles without proper testing results and patients need to be educated.”

Miss Mary Jane’s entered the market impart due to the fact, they did not see anything like their product on the market. They may be new in the industry but they are a company to watch. They bring a level of professionalism and sophistication into an industry that is severely lacking those qualities. Their edibles are delicious, potent and absolutely stunning. All of us at Edibles List expect to see great things from Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles in the future and encourage our fans in California to check them out if they are looking for high quality, high end, edibles.


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