Mystery Baking Co. 300mg Gummies

Edibles Magazine Reviews Mystery Baking 300mg sour Cubes

Anna Mae

There are so many gummies out there today it can be hard to compare them. There are so many flavors and different types of infusions, it can get pricey to find a gummy that I really like. The Mystery Baking Co. 300mg Gummies are one of my favorites so far. It’s 300mg a box with 20 sour cubes per package. Each sour cube is 15mg per gummy, which is a nice solid dose for the regular edible patient. The sour cubes come in a child proof resealable and reusable tin in a super cute matte box that matches the aesthetic of other Mystery Baking Co. products I’ve tried. 

I tried the grape flavor, which I’ve learned not everybody is a fan of (Grape flavors in general). It was surprisingly refreshing grape flavor and chewy, but not in a gummy, stuck to your teeth kind of way. Bonus was I was able to share them with my vegan friends, since they are made with pectin instead of gelatin. Pectin is a naturally occurring starch in many fruits and vegetables and it’s what adds thickness to jams, jellies, and marmalades.  It can improve blood sugar and blood fat levels, kill cancer cells, promote a healthy weight, and improve digestion. I couldn’t stop my friends’ hands from grabbing all my gummies, I almost didn’t even have enough to write this review. 

Mystery Baking Co. continues to impress from their spreads, to their baked goods, and now their gummies are available in Oklahoma. To learn more about the brand and their delicious products, head to MysteryBaking.com.

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