Outer Galactic Chocolate Dark Chocolate Truffles

Outer Galactic Chocolate Dark Chocolate Truffles

These gorgeous little chocolate truffles definitely resemble something from outer space because of their unique coloring. They are taking chocolate truffles to the next level indeed.

I tried these without reading or knowing any information about them. I assumed that they were some kind of chocolate, and to my delight they were absolutely delicious. These truffles are a fantastic way to get medicated. I was shocked when I read that they were sugar-free. If it’s not sugar, there is something hiding in there somewhere. Maybe some kind of cosmic sweetener. Each truffle is 25mg, and they come in a box of 4, for a total of 100mg per box. The coloring of the truffles are so beautiful and elegant, as if they were sprayed with with food grade metallic shine.

These truffles have an excellent little kick to them. The richness of the dark chocolate completely masks any taste that would reveal you are actually taking medicine. If you are into dark chocolate, and have some experience with edibles, you must give this a try. I will definitely seek these out the next time I go shopping for more infused products.

Learn more at: OuterGalacticChocolates.com

Richard Bell

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