Q & A with Dr. Mike: Why CBD?

Why CBD with Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael Heller, mjwooly.com

Q: I’ve partied too hard. I feel like poo and I have to go to work, what should I do?
A: Try some CBD.

Q: What is CBD?
A: Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the cannabis plant. It engages numerous different pathways in the body. Unlike THC it is not psychoactive…It won’t get you high.

Q: What can I use CBD for?
A: Although most of CBDs uses have not been evaluated by the FDA, people are using it for: pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy/seizures, nausea, arthritis, inflammation, headache/migraine, stress…and the list goes on. If you are feeling crappy take some CBD it probably will help.

Q: Is CBD good for working out?
A: If you are sore CBD will definitely help. It will help you push through the pain of your workout and with the pain of your recovery. FYI, don’t work out injured and don’t get hurt pushing yourself too hard.

Q: Is CBD good for sex?
A: Well if you are nervous it may calm you down. Unlike THC that alters your senses and your sexual experience CBD will probably be fairly unnoticeable during sex.

Q: How much CBD do I take?
A: That really depends on what you are using it for and your body type. If you are using CBD generally, 2-20 mg can be an effective dosage. Start low, listen to your body and go from there. If you are using it for a medical condition always consult a physician.

Q: Can I snort CBD?
A: Ummm why? Technically speaking you could snort 100% pure CBD but DON’T DO IT, you will mess up your sinuses. You are much better off eating an edible, vaping or smoking a CBD strain flower. Hell, you can even dab CBD!

Q: Is there a difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?
A: Nope! A CBD molecule is a CBD molecule. The difference comes from other molecules that if not removed can alter the effects of CBD such as THC.

Q: What’s up with all of these CBD and THC products?
A: CBD and THC are synergistic. Although CBD is great by itself, a little bit of THC added to CBD can go a long way to increase the efficacy of the medicine. 1:1 CBD to THC products are found in most dispensaries now. New or inexperienced users could try a 18:1 to start… mind the dosage, follow directions.

Q: Dr. Mike HELP! I’ve consumed too much THC what can I do?
A: Take some CBD. Although it may not work for everyone and results may vary, CBD has shown to counteract anxiety caused by THC. CBD stimulates the release of natural cannabinoids that binds to the same spot as THC, essentially kicking THC out.

Have some questions that you want answered? Email: hi@mjwooly.com to get them answered by Dr. Mike!

Dr. Mike Heller

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