Stately Duck Apothecary Review

When talking about medicinal marijuana, the first words that come to mind probably aren’t “lip balm” or “massage oil.” That’s exactly the perception that owners Bonnie & Russ, of The Stately Duck Apothecary in Gig Harbor, Wash. are trying to change.

Stately Duck’s products, which along with the aforementioned products range from bathing soaks to herbal teas, are all infused with cannabis. A familiar tale in the industry, Stately Duck saw a need in the market as they noticed, “None of the products [I looked at] had the right combination of ingredients,” Bonnie explained. They believe their products are meant to be a more clean way of recovery.

Stately includes both infused canna coconut oil and hemp seed oil, which work in conjunction with natural herbs and essential oils. Each of their products are meant to serve very specific purposes and treat very specific ailments. They pride themselves on being an all-natural herbal company.

“We were worried about inactive ingredients that may cause cancer,” Bonnie said.

There are inactive ingredients in some topical pain relief products, which can be linked to cancer.

After a lot of research, he and his wife decided to create the Stately Duck Apothecary. The Stately Duck has been around for around a year and a half, and is named that in honor of Bonnie’s grandpa. “He was a hard, true old guy,” Bonnie explained. Russ explained that his wife is one of the biggest reasons Stately Duck exists today. “Without her, we wouldn’t have done anything,” Russ said. “It’s all thanks to her, really.”

Bonnie said athletes are some of their biggest customers, “The MMA guys especially love it.”

“Our products work without the marijuana in them,” Bonnie explained. “[But] it works better with it in them. It’s the ultimate medicine.” The biggest draws to their products–mostly topical creams–not having to ingest marijuana to feel the relief. “Customers can treat the pain where it is, instead of being drugged up all the time,” Bonnie said.

Their line of body butters are not only incredibly effective they come in absolutely delectable scents; Orange Creamsicle, Chocolate Dream, Peppermint Love and Unrefined Natural Scent. They come in convenient 2 ounce tins anyone can throw in a bag or pocket and take them on the go. The body butter is not oily and eaves skin feeling silky smooth, not to mention smells simply divine!

Additionally, they offer a full line of topical rubs skillfully designed provide natural relief. The rubs provide relief sore joints and muscles to cooling and warming rubs. Attention ladies: Stately even offers a cramp soothing rub! We suggest Stately Duck Apothecary to any current Washington state patient, check out Stately Duck Apothecary if you are looking for a smokeless alternative to pain relief.

Visit them online: StatelyDuckApothecary.com


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