Talkin Topicals with Gar: Your Cannabis Topicals Questions Answered

Talkin Topicals with Gar Souders Your Cannabis Infused Topical Questions Answered

Hi Gar, I am a cancer patient currently taking an oral cannabis oil. A friend who has been through this successfully said I need to be using topicals also. Would this be of any help, and why? Lisa San Jose, CA

Dear Lisa, Studies have shown topicals to be an excellent addition to your cannabis oil regimen. When using cannabis oil orally, the cancer cells are attacked via the body’s natural CB1 receptors When cancer cells contact THC, the result is immediate death of the cancer cell. This result is what makes a high THC cannabis oil such an effective cancer treatment. Topicals are transported via the CB2 system, with receptors all over the body, especially near the lymph nodes. By adding a high THC external oil to the outer area affected by cancer, in addition to an oral THC oil, the cancer is attacked by both CB1 and CB2 receptor systems with cancer killing THC. Topicals are the easiest way to access the CB2 receptors, making them an ideal addition for anyone currently going through a cancer treatment to seriously consider.

Hi Gar, I follow your column every month and had to share this with you. I burned my hand on the oven yesterday while cooking dinner. I rubbed a topical salve stick all over it right away. Not only did it not blister, my hand was fine today. Is this unusual? Robin Chico, CA

Hi Robin, I am glad you had such great success. The healing ability of some topical products is incredible. For minor burns, an infused topical or gel is a great choice. For first aid use, I prefer a combination of olive oil, beeswax and cannabis. This combo provides anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin repair in one safe product Please remember, for serious burns always consult your physician.

Dear Gar, I live near a lake and insect bites are a constant problem once spring arrives. The mosquito bites are awful and sometimes get infected because we scratch them. Do you know of anything that might help? Stan Blue Lake, CA

Hi Stan, I have a great solution for you. A high cannabinoid salve or stick type product containing natural ingredients, such as olive or coconut oil should help a lot. A small amount applied as soon as you notice the bite has been shown to not only relieve itching, it can also help to reduce swelling & inflammation.

Gar Souders has over a decade of research into the effects & formulations of cannabis infused topicals. He is the Founder of CannaTopics and is a member of several Pro Cannabis organizations.

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