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Q: Why does getting high make music better?

A: Smoking cannabis releases serotonin and dopamine in your brain. This triggers a reward making you feel happy. Guess what! Your favorite song does the exact same thing. It’s pretty obvious that having the two together is awesome! Cannabis also relaxes you and opens your mind which can give you a new appreciation for music.

Q: Why do so many musicians smoke to write music?

A: Smoking cannabis alters your mental state. Your perception becomes distorted, time frames are shifted and your thought process gets turned upside down. This allows musicians to connect ideas in their brain they normally would never consider. It helps them think outside the box…the essence of creativity.

Q: Which rappers have their own strains of the sticky icky?

A: Wiz Khalifa has his strain Khalifa Kush. Snoop Dogg has his own cannabis brand Leafs By Snoop that carries an assortment of flowers including Snoop Dogg OG, shatters and edibles. B-Real of Cypress Hill has is own dispensary, Dr. Greenthumb, in SoCal and has his own Tangie strain. X to the Z, Xzibit works with Brass Knuckles on vape products and edibles. Juicy J’s personal strain is Green Suicide. Kurupt is well known for his Moonrocks. Migos have their own strain Migos Gas. Soulja Boy has King Soulja and Marilyn Monroe OG. Berner is behind the scenes with the Cookies dispensaries, he is responsible for the Cookies clothing line and his strain is Berner’s Cookies. There are way more rappers that have their own strains, but we try to keep this article short.

Q: I’m going to a festival this
summer what products should I bring?

A: If you are going to party bring enough to share, at least a couple joints!! You can’t go wrong with some good ole flower. Just make sure not to get in trouble smoking in front of security, if they even care. I’d stay away from most edibles, it’s summer time, that hot sun will bake most edibles into a goopy mess. Vape pens are a must for a concert, they are discreet and easy to share, I never leave home without one!

Q: What is in my vape pen?

A: Depending on who you are getting them from there could be a lot of different things in there. I’d say you can always count on a some sort of cannabis oil and some flavoring. A few years ago most vape pens were made from dark earthy oils that were extracted using carbon dioxide. Nowadays people are putting high end distilled cannabis oil into their pens. Distilled oil is a highly potent beautiful golden tasteless and odorless oil. Manufacturers then add flavors or terpenes to jazz them up or make them strain specific. You might also find some fillers in your vape pen such as MCT oil, propylene glycol or glycerin.

Q: Why should I avoid vape pens that contain MCT oil, propylene glycol or glycerin?

A: First off you are getting ripped off, those ingredients are cutting agents. You may be getting a ½ gram cartridge to vape on, but how much of that is actually doing the job? Vape pens also heat to temperatures above 600 degrees, this can cause some of these fillers to breakdown into harmful chemicals. This is especially concerning for vaping propylene glycol which turns into formaldehyde aka embalming fluid YIKES!

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