TOP 10 Cannabis Strains for Before and After You Workout

Top 10 Workout Strains

Post-workout protein shakes and branded pre-workouts are okay, but have you tried marijuana to fuel your workouts? Here’s what we think of this new trend

Pre and post-workout meals are essential because they improve stamina and help with muscle recovery and growth. When athletes are about to get in some exercise, they like pacing their pre-workout intakes, so they hit at the right time. Now, weed before a major exercise sounds like the wrong move with couchlock and all, right? Not all products are dosed to give you this effect. Also, the fierce World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) removed CBD from its list of banned substances if you are still wondering if working out while high is a good idea

Before you get into it, you want to remember that bodies react differently to anything new. It is recommended that people micro-dose until they find the correct dose based on gender, body composition, and tolerance levels, among other factors. 

We discuss 10 pre and post-workout cannabis strains you want to use for maximum effect. 

The Best Strains of Cannabis for Before You Workout

There are no studies yet that show working out high makes a workout less excruciating. But most users have admitted to feeling much better about training when their mood is better. The right strain of marijuana sends happy shots in the system, making it much easier and pleasant to get through a strenuous workout. 

These Sativa strains are ideal for pre-workout intake: 

  1. Green Crack

It is known that Sativa dominant strains are the ideal options when you want to stay active. Green Crack is energizing and will have you up and about for as long as it is in the system. You want to smoke it at least 30-45 minutes before hitting the gym or the track for the effects to start working in you. When smoking weed before workout, pacing oneself is always recommended. 

  1. Sour Diesel

On days when you cannot be bothered to feel motivated for a workout, make this your go-to strain. It rejuvenates the system and forces you out of the couch and to the gym. Sour Diesel hits the system slowly depending on how you use it, so it will keep you motivated for hours. Even long after your session, you are likely to still feel its rousing effects. 

  1. Durban Poison

If you want to stay high and active for long hours, try this Sativa strain. Once you start using it, you learn why most users call Durban Poison the espresso of cannabis. Is it hard to find? Yeah! So much that when you do, you want to dose it sparingly until you can find your next dose to facilitate your high. Being a typical wake-and-bake strain, you want to dose it slowly until you know what your system can handle. 

  1. XJ13

If you are a little unsure of how a Sativa strain feels for a pre-workout, XJ13 strain may be the best test since its THC levels barely go beyond 18%. Its sweet, limeade aroma and flavor make it an easy choice for almost any smoker, but you still want to micro-dose to prevent a heavy cerebral high just before a workout. 

  1. Ghost Train Haze

This Sativa strain is more popular with weightlifters and nature explorers than track runners because it relaxes and calms the body. You feel less anxious and more attuned with your practice without the couchlock effect that would be counterproductive. It gives boosts of energy that you will need between reps. Thanks to its reasonably high THC content, this strain is preferred by seasoned smokers. 

The Best Strains of Cannabis for After You Workout

Muscle soreness will be a thing of the past when you use products that make it easy to rest and recover. Smoking weed after workout kickstarts recovery to get you ready for the next one. Here are our top Indica strains for recovery and wind-down. 

  1. Sour Bubble

This marijuana workout strain lives up to its name as far as the taste and aroma are concerned. It is a medicinal strain used for pain management that you can work perfectly into your training through proper dosing. It’s great for insomnia too, so smoking after a workout allows you to crawl in bed and recover under the cover of one of the greatest strains known. 

  1. Wi-Fi OG

This strain gives you two things you need at the end of a workout: a relaxed body and a good feeling that will make you a joy to be around. You may still have energy left after your meal and workout because Wi-Fi OG does not really have that couch-lock effect known of most Indica strains. 

  1. Grape Ape 

One of the terpenes in this marijuana after workout is myrcene, known for tranquility and relaxation. It aids in muscle and joint recovery that is vital after strenuous activity and will be great for weightlifters as well as track runners. As is the case with any weed strain, you want to dose yourself correctly to avoid misusing Grape Ape. 

  1. GigaBud

Many weightlifters struggle with eating huge meals when they are bulking, which is why they may want to start using GigaBud. It not only relaxes the mind and grounds you after a workout, but it also revs up your appetite. 

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

The THC content in this strain – 28% – already sends the alarms blaring. You don’t want to mess with her if you cannot handle the high she brings. GSC leans on Indica, making it the ideal marijuana post-workout strain that will almost immediately send you into a relaxed state. You start feeling the effects on the temples before spreading to the head. Those who use it say it ideally makes you sociable, so you can say goodbye to the post-workout blues that make you gloomy.


There are several pros and cons of working out high. We have touched on the pros in the text here, and somewhat, some cons that we shall reiterate. Dosing is vital because failure to get in the right amount will result in couchlock, the opposite of what you need pre-workout. One thing we cannot stress enough is the need for responsible use of weed. Same as with any substance, if you cannot do it right, then don’t do it at all. 

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