Cannabis Is Legal In California: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Is Legal In California What You Need to Know

Can I smoke in public?
No. While the new laws are an outline of what to interpret, any officer of the law may serve you with an infraction of public intoxication if caught smoking cannabis out in the open.

Can I drive and smoke?
No. Consuming cannabis and operating a motor vehicle are considered illegal and extremely frowned upon by law enforcement. A large portion of the tax fund created by cannabis legalization is going to the California Highway Patrol to create a study that outlines how a cannabis DUI should be determined.

Can I start a cannabis business?
Yes and no. You can create an ancillary cannabis related business or find a city/county offering medical cannabis licenses for cultivation or manufacturing, but only a few exist currently. You can not just start selling weed to everyone you know or open up a dispensary. You are allowed to possess up to one ounce of dried cannabis or 8 grams of concentrate, any more than that is considered a felony.

Can I grow my own weed legally now?
Yes. Under the new law you can, without permits, grow up to 6 plants privately in your residence. To be clear that is 6 plants per residence, and you are allowed to keep all that you harvest from those plants. So if you’re a great grower, able to grow giant trees in your second bedroom you might be able to stock up enough for the year. Even if your city or county bans dispensaries or the licensing of cannabis businesses, you are still allowed to grow your 6 plants at home.

Is my felony now a misdemeanor?
If you were a felon convicted of growing more than six marijuana plants, transporting more than an ounce, selling without a license or possessing cannabis with the intent to sell it, now they’re all misdemeanors. As of November 9th, 2016 at midnight when Prop 64 passed, all non-violent cannabis offenders can now apply for appeals or expungements.

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