Nternal Micro Dose Cannabis Suppositories

Nternal Micro Dose Cannabis Suppositories

The Nternal line of cannabis suppositories is made by the same experts from Xternal brand topicals, sprays, balms and creams. I’ve seen Xternal’s founder Ed Breslin speak on panels before and heard his company and product history as well and I’ve always been a fan of everything from the analgesic spray to the thc massage oil, but I never expected myself to be a big cannabis suppository user despite how obvious the medical benefits clearly are. I rectally inserted one of the Nternal brand suppositories on a Sunday evening a few weeks ago thinking I’d give it a try so I could properly write an honest review.

These contain a full spectrum of cannabinoid profiles containing THC, THCA, CBD, CBNA, CBN and CBG. They come 5 to a pack and are recommended for nighttime use. After the insertion I actually kind of forgot I’d done that and then remembered the Edibles List team was signed up to compete that evening in The Big LeBongski Bowling Tournament. It was only after we’d started to bowl that I even remembered I’d tried it and then realized I also wasn’t desiring to go outside and smoke so clearly something was working. I hadn’t bowled for years and I can’t say for sure that cannabis suppositories are performance enhancing substances but I felt very relaxed and rolled a 165 the very 1st game. Our whole team did great and we actually won the tournament as well as the coveted bowling pin bong trophy and advanced to the Championship game on 4/20 weekend. The medicine was released slowly and evenly in a nice and steady time-release fashion throughout the night. I highly advise giving these a chance especially if you’re seriously suffering, though they can totally be used recreationally as well. Find out more about them at makingyoubetterbrands.com and keep up to date with The Big LeBongski Tournament here: thebiglebongski.com.

Patrick Ian Moore

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